Nails Inc - "Little Venice"

Posted by on Sunday, February 13, 2011

When I first saw this polish, I thought it'd be exactly the same as Nails Inc's "Sloane Mews" but it's really not. Four coats later and I have a gorgeous, soft, light pink of the kind that is perfect for sweet lolita kawaii nail art - which shall be showcased, but not in this post. I have been experimenting with decoden parts on nails, and I think the results are finally ready to be shown to the world. Anticipate!


One coat of this polish (pictured, above and below) makes a great "My nails are naturally this flawless" colour for school. While Sloane Mews is still very sheer even after two or three coats, to wear two coats of "Little Venice" for school would be pushing it, I feel.

The polish doesn't contain any shimmer, again unlike Sloane Mews, which does. It's also way more of a streaky pain, but I don't feel that it's as annoying as "Shoreditch" was. When I say annoying, I mean for a Nails Inc polish which are usually pretty flawless (as they should be, for the price!). Even the most irritating Nails Inc polish doesn't compare to say, the most irritating Miss Sporty polish. Damn you, Clubbing Colours Yellow. I will forever detest you and your ilk.

It leans slightly peach, but only in certain lightings.


I've got a few questions (off topic).

I'm currently very pissed off with Sleek MakeUp, but I somehow managed to track down their Good Girl palette. Do I post or not? On one hand, I don't want to give them any positive coverage - on the other, the colours are soooo up my alley it's not even funny. Plus, I didn't think I'd ever be able to find it after it sold out except perhaps for double the retail price on eBay.
Weirdly, at this Superdrug they even had a couple of the purple and yellow Pout Polishes and some of the Sparkle iDivines left over, so perhaps Sleek aren't that popular? It's a pretty white area (no offence) so perhaps there is less demand for a brand catering primarily to black women....

 So does anyone want to see the pictures?


  1. I think you should post it. I don't actually have any Sleek (yet) but I do like the funky colours.

    Take my car (no, don't!). I love it but it's not perfect and the customer service (Nissan) is damned poor. So I'd kind of recommend it but would review it honestly and state what the problems were. Let people make up their own mind!

    Let us see the pix, please.

  2. Thanks for your advice, Jaljen (that's why I love you). I'll post it :P


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