Nails Inc - "Shoreditch"

Posted by on Saturday, February 12, 2011

The first of the two mini bottles. I've just applied "Little Venice" but that's going to be included in a special post so I'm not posting the photos here as of yet.

Can I just take a minute to continue raving about NYC's topcoat? I applied it last thing at night, went to bed, and woke up in the morning with no sheet marks. Incredible. It applies so thinly and dries really quickly. If this was double the price, I'd still buy it - and you don't hear me say that very often!

Onto the photos!


The formula of these seems to be much thicker than the regular line of polishes. I like it because then I don't flood my cuticles, but at the same time it does look streaky. This was three coats, when my maximum number would be two for the normal bottles. I had to use the extra coat to even everything out.


I like the colour, but it's not particularly unique. Not really digging this polish, Nails Inc.


Who else has had experience with the mini bottles?


  1. Wow that is such a pretty coral! :D

  2. Does it look coral in the photos? In real life, it's more of a dark pink. Sorry for my photo taking, GlamaDazzle!


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