Nails Inc Mini Bottles?

Posted by on Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Mum is trying not to buy any more nail polish, but she swapped me these two in return for GOSH "Orange Drops".


These are named "Shoreditch" (dark pink) and "Little Venice" (light pink). I smell a dupe with Little Venice and one other colour that I own in a full size. I didn't know Nails Inc made minis O_o. So far, I'm not digging the formula compared to their full sizes.


I wish Nails Inc had slightly wider avaliability offline. My parents aren't fans of me entering our credit card details on sites that aren't Amazon or eBay (they allowed me to for the Sleek sale, and that went tits up, didn't it?) because of identity theft and all that, so perhaps I can place an order myself...when I've left home? Mum would usually buy all of hers in a special set off QVC but in a bid to save money, she hasn't been watching it recently. And I completely missed the Nails Inc/Coke sale so yeah. No more Nails Inc pretties for a while :(


  1. I can't see you wearing the pale one! ;o)

    Can't you get a friend to ebay/online shop for you and you pay her/him back?

    They do plenty minis and I was desperate for the Jermyn St with glitter but you're right about the formula. It wasn't good. Odd.

  2. Perhaps for school, or french manicures - not outside of that :P You know me so well :P

    If only I had friends offline who were as crazy about polish as I am! Sadly, there are none.

    My mum has a huge set of their minis but like myself she prefers their full sizes. Sorry to hear about Jermyn St :(


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