Nail Mail and a little update

Posted by on Tuesday, February 08, 2011

First things first. I recieved this lovely prize from Laura at The Beauty Bite.


If you don't follow already, and you're a makeup fan, please do. Her writing style is informative and witty, and her face is gorgeous. <3

I'll introduce the second part of my post with this.


This is the neutral eye that I wore at school. I usually wear brights but I've been told - sorry, respectfully informed - that the makeup needs to go. So since February is the month of my blogoversary (how quickly does one year go?) I thought that perhaps it was time to do a series on school appropriate makeup looks and a few more nail polish ones, too, as I've been told that is also a point of contention between myself and senior managment. Le sigh.


Anyway. Do stay tuned...


  1. Lena, you did see my comment with the ebay link for the rhinestones, yeah?

  2. Yeah, I did jaljen! I think I commented on your blog and mine that I had. Thanks so much :)


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