NYC "In a New York Minute" Quick Drying Top Coat - "Grand Central Station" review.

Posted by on Sunday, February 06, 2011

I nearly always include a photo with my blog posts, but I felt there was no point with this review as, I mean, it's clear. And with the current photo uploading situation it's probably best not to. After less than a year of blogging, I've managed to max out 1 GB of my Picasa Web Albums (I had no idea one had a limit, lol) and am currently storing my photos on a Flickr until such a time when I find a better alternative. I've already used up 20% of my Flickr bandwith for this month, and it's only the 6th! Anyways.

I first discovered this "topcoat" on Sammersauras's nail blog (article of discussion is linked). The word "topcoat" is in quote marks because while it is not stated on the bottle that it's specifically made for topcoat purposes, no one (or very few people) paint their nails clear. That's pointless. Why would you do that?
When brands include a clear nail polish within their line, I take that as a topcoat unless it is stated otherwise (such as Barry M's 3 in 1 polish which does all sorts of things). Yeah.

Anyway, I do like this. It has what I'd term a watery consistency, which doesn't smudge my nail designs and is touch dry in the minute promised.  It doesn't chip unless you're very rough with your nails and it doesn't seem to be shrinking, either, but after about three to four days there is some tipwear.

Other people have reported that it pulls the classic quick dry top coat trick when it's halfway down the bottle and thickens up. Currently I'm nowhere near that point but when it does happen, I'll have to add some Seche Restore. Can brands please fix this problem? I shouldn't have to purchase a second product because the first doesn't do it's job properly!

Call me superficial, but what I love most about this polish is the gorgeously luxe bottle. This is only £2.59 from Superdrug and yet the bottle is slightly reminiscent of an OPI one. The matte black handle and the generous bottle size (you get 9.7 ml of product, which isn't bad for a high street brand) make it a delight to use.


  1. I think one of the reasons might be because when a quick dry topcoat is overly exposed (as in use it on every manicure) to air and it'll thicken. One trick to avoid the thickness when you're halfway through, is, to add thinner every 3/4/5 manicures so it'll have the same consistency Or if you're lazy, add something from a new bottle, shake it up and it might be good too ;)

  2. Thanks for the link!
    I looove this polish, it's the only top coat I ever use. I might have to get some Seche Restore, I've heard you raving about that too :D



    That's where I got my rhinestones, Lena.

    I won't spend a lot on base coat or top coat. Essential but boring. So it's good to know a cheapie.

  4. Thanks for the tips, amusedPolish. The thing is, most of the cheap ones don't contain any metal balls to help shake up the polish so I think that contributes to the problem as well.

    Hey Sammersaurus! No problem. I wouldn't have known abot it if it wasn't for you, so thank you for informing me about this product :P
    Seche Restore is great, but seriously pricey. Hint that you want it for a Christmas/Birthday present!

    Thanks for the link, jaljen! When the seller returns I'll be buying some :P
    I know what you mean. Most of my basecoats are Sally Hansen finds from TJ Hughes. I like them cheap.


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