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Yesterday, I got braces.




Mine are actually purple. They hurt like hell and I can't eat anything but soup and hot chocolate, and I detest soup! It's gross!

I got the idea for brace nail art from The Daily Nail (I see no reason to link to her blog because she's so famous, most of my readers probably know her anyway!). Yeah. They're bloody annoying.

To make matters worse, when my Dad came back from work and asked to see my teeth, he actually laughed. And then he made some witty comment about how only rich people's kids went to the dentist in Nigeria. I was like, "What is this?"

Anyway. Glad you were so amused, Dad. Jeez.

The high points were that after the appointment (it didn't hurt at that point, see) I complained that Mum hadn't given me lunch, so she took me to Sainsburys and got me a pack of sandwiches and some crisps and some orange juice. I was like, "Word."

Only when I got back to school, and it was lunchtime, it felt really weird to eat anything so I had to like rip the sandwich up into little pieces before chewing just on the back teeth and then the crisps got no love at all :(

And this is the second time I did this nail art. The first time, I wore it to school, and my form tutor told me to take it off. And then laughed when I told him about my braces.

Not impressed.


  1. Ack. Braces are not a good time. I won't even lie. I hated mine. But you will get used to them, which is good.
    But I just got mine off over the summer, and just remember that you're waiting for that moment. Cause oh god, it was fabulous, I can't even tell you. You won't be able to stop smiling. :)

  2. Aww, I hope you get used to your braces soon!
    Most of my friends had braces at school, I escaped them because my teeth weren't too bad. But in a way I wish I did get them because my teeth arn't perfectly straight and I wouldn't want to get braces now.
    Just think how happy you will be when they are removed and you have a perfect smile! :D

  3. love it! my older sister had braces when she was 32. don't worry! i bet they're cute :)

  4. I just got my braces taken out and I know how it can be. But when you're finally done it's all worth it! then you have pretty white and shiny teeth. and the mani is so original!

  5. Pain. You'll get used to them though and they do work.

    Don't feel self-conscious either. I never notice if my students have them - except when they make a big deal about it!!!! Ha!

  6. Sorry about the braces, even though it's for a good cause. In the end you'll be happy you've had them. Awesome nailart though.

  7. Ive always wanted pink braces, I didnt know they hurt :( !! Loving the nails!

  8. Thanks for your comment, LacquerSmack! I really dislike these too. Can't wait until they come off :(

    Thanks Gemx!

    kelligonzo: 32? Wow! That's pretty brave. I bet she rocked them though!

    Thanks you nailed it!

    Urgh hopefully jaljen. Weirdly I actually feel less self conscious about smiling with these on than I did before. O_o

    Thanks for your comment Deborah!

    Naomi K <3 : Next time I go to the orthodontists, I want pink instead of purple :P I want to keep changing up the colour.

  9. OMGosh. You had me creasing up when I read this (because of your funny style of writing, not because of the braces!)I actually decided to get braces as an adult because as a child I flopped when it came to wearing my retainer (I had head-gear, bands; the lot). I got see-through ones but I was a little irked when people looked at my teeth for the first week. After that, I wasn't phased. I think having braces as a young person is a right of passage though :-) Love the mani by the way!


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