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Posted by on Monday, February 14, 2011

Dedicated to Jaljen. :P


When I first saw this packaging, I thought of this song by the Korean girl group "miss A"

Then I realised that the Bad Girl palette is like forever sold out, so I'd never be able to complete my set. Then I thought of this song, which sums up my feelings to Sleek in general quite nicely.
Anyway. I pretty much love the colours in this palette. I'm a big fan of pink on the eyes and while this palette may look like it's just full of one colour, they actually have lovely variations within them (corals, oranges, hot pinks and light pinks, frost, shimmer etc) that make it worth the money, in my opinion.


The actual palette is in the basic Sleek style, so I felt no need to photograph the outside.

Check out the pseudo artistic angle!

I was so estatic to find it, I actually told the shop assistant that I loved her. Twice. I went into this really obscure Superdrug to pick up some other Sleek items for a friend that doesn't live in the UK and on a whim, asked her to check the drawer to see if there were any available. Luckily enough, there were! An entire stack, in fact. There was plenty of that and the Sparkle palette (never again) in stock, but I didn't see any Bad Girls.

The shade names are on a clear sleeve insert. I like this. The name "Lychee" is great. I really like all of the names, actually - I think they're quite fitting.


Above is the first row, swatched. I'm inclined to call this one of Sleek's best palettes yet, simply because there are no pigmentation duds. Everything is nice and pigmented. I think that's to do with the abscence of mattes - aside from their matte blacks, Sleek's mattes are rubbish. No pigment, and the ones that do have some semblance pigment require industrial grade wood glue to actually stay on your eyelid for more than ten seconds.


"Morello" is fantastic. A gorgeous red that I will most likely get a lot of use from.

I don't like the frost finishes on some of the shadows. Pink frost? Wasn't that a bit 80s, and then on the lips? I wore one to school today, and it was insanely noticeable (I had two teachers comment) and I didn't dig it. Made me feel old and clashed with my red lips that day. That'll teach me to leave like two minutes for makeup.

While the pigmentation isn't an issue, these babies do need a good sticky base to apply at all evenly to the eyelids. I used BeautyUK's eye sparks to keep these on (no primer) and it lasted all day. I'm not sure how to reduce the frost effect of that particular eyeshadow. Hmm. Any suggestions?

All in all, I'm not in any hurry to pay double the retail price for it, but I do like this. It's one of Sleek's better palettes, and I feel that every (almost every, then. Maybe not that frosty pink) shade is useful. The two highlights are gorgeous and shimmery with very fine glitter that doesn't end up all over your cheeks. I think lighter skinned people could get a lot of use out of this palette.

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