How to wear Pink Eyeshadow

Posted by on Friday, February 18, 2011

This post was prompted by the Sleek Good Girl palette. I feel like it's the one Sleek palette that genuinely deserves a lot of the praise aimed at the brand in general, yet many bloggers seemed to dislike it, saying that the colours were repetitive and basically implying that pink shouldn't be on the eyes, suggesting that it was a blush palette instead... I was like "O_o" at this because once the palette is in your hands, you can clearly see that there is a really decent mix of colours and they're not too "samey". Also, pink and similar colours can be worn really easily, without one looking like a zombie. Promise!

To demonstrate this, I did a few quick looks. Exhibit A (haha, just like the NARS blush)

The main lid colour is "Papaya" and "Raspberry Coulis" is at the end of the eyelid. The browbone highlight is "Meringue" but I don't think that worked out so well...It looked like a GWMD (glittery weapon of mass destruction) I need to use these with a light hand! The eyeliner is just a random one I picked up in a Afro-Carribean store in London. It's not particularly amazing, so I don't feel the need to mention the name.
I did all of these looks over BeautyUK's Eye Sparks. It really grabbed onto the shadow, because these really won't stick without a good sticky primer/base. I did start out using Pixie Epoxy, but it made them so bright that practically the moment I walked into the school building I was handed a makeup wipe. Two fingered salute to the dance teacher. Stupid bitch.

Next up:


I used Peach Melba for this look. I think. It may well have ben Pink Grapefruit. *shifts uneasily*
The eyeliner I felt was too overwhelming for the amount of glitter that seemed to be present on my eye as a whole...gotta love crappy eye makeup removers! Anyway, it was No7 Stay Perfect Eye Pencil in "Blackest".


 I used "Morello" all over the lid. Eyeliner was Urban Decay's "Zero" and the mascara in all three looks was the Elizabeth Arden one that I reviewed not so long ago. I really detest it now and am on the hunt for a new one. While I was doing these looks, it BURNED my eye, I'm not even joking. It hurt so much. Why the fudge would you make a product used near the eyes be that incredibly painful. I don't even know.

I find that the key to wearing pink/orange/red/peach/yellow (if you're not too confident with wearing those colours) is to just smother it in eyeliner and mascara. That way, it sort of creates a seperation between your eye and the eyeshadow and looks bright and interesting rather than "Do you need a doctor?"

I personally love the fact that Sleek have brought out a palette full of these sorts of shades - they're pretty rarely seen for a drugstore brand, especially the red. I love Morello, it's exactly the shade of red that I have been looking for. It's a shame that this was limited edition.

Completely unrelated, but my Maths teacher is a complete douchebag.

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