Nail Mail and Bargains of the Week

Posted by on Friday, February 25, 2011

I won a giveaway over at The Phalanges Files and the generous ChaosButterfly added some extra polishes in!


The glitter is intense. Thanks so much, ChaosButterfly!


Who knew Tesco's did contact lens solution? I spotted this on MakeupSavvy's blog and promptly picked some up myself - way cheaper than buying from an optician - and it can also be used as eyedrops or as a foiling medium.

Over at TJ Hughes they were selling Rimmel cuticle oil for £.99. I picked some up and it's seriously good. I approve.
I forgot to photograph this but TJ Hughes were also doing alcohol hand gel in spray bottles, two for 69p. I like this for sanitising brushes after washing, or quickly if I'm doing makeup on other people.

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