NAIL POLISH WARNING and giveaways.

Posted by on Tuesday, April 13, 2010

OK. First, the warning -
If you guys remember my post showing my entry for the Lali Amora nail art contest, you'll know that I had Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Yellow on my thumb. This was a total pain to apply and I got so frustrated that I removed it all and reapplied it - without a basecoat. NEVER do this. My thumb looks like I'm a smoker...not good :P It's stained very, very badly yellow. So DO NOT ever wear Miss Sporty nail polishes without a basecoat. Ever.

haha, warning over. Giveaway time!

Over at Nani's Nails, she's doing a giveaway for SmART nails. It's ending today though, so hurry!

Design NO19  looks great!

There's a giveaway here at Emily Loves:
At Katrina's Nail Blog, she's giving away China Glaze and Art Deco:

A seriously generous giveaway at Lauren's Dressing Room:

At Polished Lyrics, there is Colour Club up for grabs:

Win an ELF gift card over at Gaby's Beauty Blog!

At Street Light Eyes, there are some gorgeous, highly pigmented eyeshadows to be won!

At Awful Beautiful Disarray, there is a LOAD of NYX stuff to be had.

At Obsessively Opposed to the Typical (great name!) you can win around 28 make up goodies!

Eliza - Make Up Junkie has a great giveaway going on!

Over at Bella Sugar Cosmetics, you can win free eyeshadow! Just say your favourite colours and enter! Hurry though - ends on Friday!

At Claire's Nail art, she's also doing a giveaway! Ends 24th of April so you have plenty of time.

And at Red Lipstick and Black Liner, you can win a Sleek pallette! Ends 30th of April.'s all so far folks! I'll be back with Miss Sporty Metal Shine swatches in my next post!


  1. Thanks girl! I'll make sure to enter you!

    Have a good Tuesday! :D

  2. Thanks very much for entering me! And you too!


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