I've managed to out-cheapass myself.

Posted by on Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I knew you didn't think it was possible...but it is. I'd be ashamed if the colour wasn't so great.

My sister recieved a set of four, small, generic nail polishes from Boots for a birthday party when she was, I dunno, eight or something. She was tidying up her room and decided to give them to me as she never used them and I love doing my nails.

You see the little rings on the top? Those are so cute :P
Anyway, I didn't hold much hope for them until I tried the the second to last shimmery glittery one with the purple ring over Nails Inc Sloane Mews to go to school. Not only was it totally school friendly, but it looked great. And today, I tried out the hot pink one at the beginning, and WOW.

I assure you that these pictures do not do this baby justice. It is GORGEOUS. It's such a hot pink that it's almost neon, and it's majorly shiny without a topcoat. I want to eat it. It's great.
I noticed a few bubbles after I put the topcoat on, though, which was disapointing. And the formula is quite runny, you do have to work to stop it flooding your cuticles. Still, this was only two coats and it had reached bottle colour. I think I can overlook the rest of the annoyances just for the colour :P I don't know how you'd buy this though. I'm under the impression it's aimed at seven year olds wanting to play dressup or something. Sigh. Boots No7 is good though, I doubt you'd find this colour there. So, a breakdown of the set:

First, this is the only opaque one and the one featured in the pictures. It has a hint of bluey shimmer to it and is just generally gorgeous. Like I said, there's some bubbling but the colour...yum. So much better in real life, I promise. These are all 5 ml so three of them are equal to one bottle of OPI but as I see it, I'll get through it faster and then can franken with the empty bottles, haha :P Plus, the cute rings on top can be painted the colour of the franken so I'll have matching rings like I've seen so many other bloggers do! Yey!

This is also really good. It's silver glitter suspended in a "pink" mixture, but when worn as a standalone polish (as they recommend, which I've only done once for school) it was practically clear. I wore this over a very unopaque white (Sloane Mews, which I reviewed in the link) and it was slightly noticeable, but not much. The glitter was good, though. It's very fine and gives it that mysterious shine.

Bleuch. Disapointment. This confetti thing was horrendous. I couldn't even get any! Only one or two pieces would end up on my brush and the confetti looked like an accident on my nails. What a shame, because it looked nice in the bottle.
I don't know if you can tell by the picture, but this has long strands of silver glitter in it, though they are quite sparse. I haven't tried this yet but I assume it'll work like the blackcurranty coloured one above, which would be a disapointment. Still, I have hope.

I think the hot pink colour is so great I can't bear to draw over it! Sorry to keep going on about the colour but seriously, in real life it is gorgeous. Also, I'd just like to say thank you to everyone that has commented recently! (Susie, WizardsOfBling, Crystaliciousss) It makes me really happy :P

EDIT: You guys know I'm on the Easter holidays at the moment? I forgot to mention :P In the UK we get about two weeks off for Easter, so that's why I'm having very brightly coloured nails at the moment. When we go back to school, I'll have to go back to sheers and subtle nail art (grr) until the weekend. I'm thinking of swatching stuff on my toes instead to show it to you guys, though I feel kind of weird flashing my feet online...what do you guys think?


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