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Posted by on Sunday, April 18, 2010

 First, I'd just like to say thank you to Le Vernis Chocolat for the Love Your Blog award!


I'm going to tag:

Susie's Home and Hobbies
The Chain Nail
The Gloss Goss
Dr Frankenpolish
Toxic Lipstick

These are all really great blogs!

About the nail polish:

The dismal grossness of the yellow was merely a blip, thank goodness. This black has restored my trust in Miss Sporty.

You see that? This polish, if you play it right, is a one coater - yes, ladies and gentlemen, a one coater for only £2. Still, I did two on most of the fingers just out of habit, I guess. The formula is alright, I guess - could be improved. It's not as good as the Metal Shine formula but is still miles better than that disgusting yellow. It's slightly streaky but that can be gotten around.This is the sort of polish that should be a staple in every broke teenagers make up kit. Perhaps not for school, but hey, isn't black meant to be all fashiony, angsty and edgy all into one? Yeah? Urgh. I really can't stand posers. There are some kids at my school who go around wearing half a stick of eyeliner on their faces, listening to Paramore and Showaddywaddy (yeah, I hadn't heard of them either) and claiming that they're "glam rockers" or something...it's just so ridiculous. Funny, certaintly, but ridiculous. Anyway. I digress. Point is, this is a cool black colour to wear. Warning - is still prone to smudging after a large amount of time has elapsed. Once again the one minute drying thing is just bull.

Not bad, is it? Oh, by the way, this polish is surprisingly good for Konading. So yeah, all in all, I'd buy it again.

*sigh* Do you hear that? It's the collective sigh of, I don't know, a million plus British schoolchildren. School starts up again tommorow. Do you know what that means? It means NO POLISH. Or at least, very subtle polish. So, I'm taking the opportunity to try out this Sally Hansen Miracle Grow/Cure thingymagic that I've just been given, because my nails are all horrible and peely right now :( I've got loads of pictures and swatches stored up for you guys, so don't worry! But yeah, I'll see if I can go this week five days four days, maybe, with a clear polish on to try and give my nails a rest.


September Lena


  1. Thanks for the Blog Award.
    Love black and of course love that it is a one coater. :)

  2. Thank you so much for the blog award!

    I'm not really one for plain black polish, not glossy anyways. I like matte black, though. But I use black as a base for nail art sometimes :P But obviously, this polish has a huge plus, being a one coater!
    & I totally agree with you on the posers thingy, URGH, they piss me off! & I seriously LOLed at Showaddywaddy (never heard of em), they've definitely got a funny name!

  3. @ Susie: No problem! You really deserve it :)

    @ Rhea: Again, no problem!

    I get what you mean. I personally wouldn't really wear this colour by itself very often...but as a base or for stamping, I like it :)
    Finally, someone that agrees with me! I really can't stand them! And yeah, Showaddywaddy, whoever they are, have the most hilarious name :P


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