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Posted by on Friday, April 02, 2010

Oh wow. So today, (Good Friday) I went to Superdrug, which is a good relatively cheap UK drugstore, similar to Boots (and it's basically the HOME of Barry M, haha). I wanted to get some new polish colours and I knew exactly what I had in mind - Barry M. Headed straight for the cosmetics aisle and scoured the shelves...there it was! All sorts of Barry M goodness. However, the polishes were £2.95 and Miss Sporty were doing a sale on their own colours - (three for two) so instead of getting the Barry M yellow, I bought the Miss Sporty yellow (they looked fairly similar, not dupes but close) and got Barry M Mint Green instead. I was in polish heaven :P The choice was truly mind boggling - there was almost every nail paint there apart from the very new Ice Cream ones for summer! Even the glitters were there! Also, there was all sorts of Rimmel, Maybelline and GOSH. I did look interestedly at the GOSH having seen it featured in some other nail polish blogs - a gorgeous holo silver - but quickly backed away when I saw it was £5. Wtf? I'm a student! Why pay £5 for a limited range of colours when I could get two or even three nice ones for that type of money?

The Miss Sporty brands that I chose were mostly unamed, which was very annoying. There was a bright, acid yellow from the "Clubbing Colours" line - it was pretty vivid, I could see that showing up in a nightclub - and I chose a black and a silver from the "metal shine" line. 
They look so pretty all lined up!

The Miss Sporty brands claim to dry in 60 seconds. I'll have to test that claim.
The black claims to last for up to 7 days. For a cheap nail polish that's really quite good but again, I'll have to see for myself.
 My gorgeous Barry M :)
I have waited so long to own thee.

I've had bad experiences with the Miss Sporty Black in the past - one completely thickened up beyond belief and seized manically after about three years or so. I had to throw the whole bottle away. Still, they've changed the bottle design since then and if the formula has changed to allow it to stay on for 7 days...there's hope. I think it feels better knowing that your colours were cheapass. Bye for now.


  1. nice yellow! i had it in my hands too and regret that i did not get it ;)

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comment! Do you live in the UK as well? xxx


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