Looks like someone sneezed all over my toes.

Posted by on Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ahaha. Aren't you sick of my frankens yet?

I used the empty bottle of lilac nail polish that I used in my very first post (ah, the memories!) and filled it with the Wilkinson's blue (that is really starting to annoy me as it chips so easily, so I'm trying to use it up) and some of a metallic yellow nail art pen that leaks everywhere. Sigh. Added some gold glitter into the mix and some of the Boots confetti blackcurranty nail polish that I reviewed yesterday. Stir it all up and you have....

...an explosion in a bogey factory :P I will name thee, "Frankenstein". It's a very murky green, not really what I was going for at all but still an interestingly unique colour. I was aiming for this:
 Image from Dr Frankenpolish. But yeah. Swatches:
You see my legwarmers?

Look! My fingers match my legwarmers! Just thought I'd share.
What do you guys think then?

Oh, and also I was going to quickly compare the two moisterisers that I use, Palmer's Cocoa Butter and Dove.
I love the smell of Palmer's so use it on my face, as it's not greasy at all and makes my face look great.
But I use the Dove over my body as it gives it a noticeable shine and feels really moisterising. Which is great, especially if you're wearing a skirt in summer and you want your legs to look their best, but on your face it can look a little odd.
What beauty products are you guys into? xxx.


  1. oooh the i love the palmers too, smells like cakebatter hhhmmmmmm


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