Barry M Swatch

Posted by on Thursday, April 08, 2010

Hey! The gorgeous Raspberry colour by Barry M is what I was going to talk about today. As you guys may have guessed, I'm a total Barry M lover (even though I don't have that many colours, haha, I'm saving for more) because you get very good quality and a large colour range for only £2.95, and I've heard good things about their Dazzle Dusts. Anyway, have a look.

The best part? This was only one coat. Yeah, I'm not lying.

This was the old bottle so inside is 13ml of product, which isn't bad. Nowadays, though, they've reduced it to 10ml. Which is still more than Miss Sporty which gives you a miserly 7ml.
By the way, that Boots Hot Pink was a complete PITA to remove. Ach.

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