Miss Sporty Clubbing Colours Yellow Swatch

Posted by on Friday, April 16, 2010

What. A. Fail.

Words fail me when I'm trying to describe this disgusting, streaky mess. Urgh. This is the second colour that I bought from Superdrugs and the second one in their Clubbing Colours line that I'm reviewing. After the great things I had to say about Metal Shine I thought this would be similar. Just no.
So, yesterday night (Thursday) there was a prime ministerial debate on ITV1 so I settled down to watch it with this bottle of polish. This was at 8:30. I did one coat, which was horrendous. The formula is disgustingly chalky and thick so you're trying to apply it to your nail and it seems that it has dried almost immediately! These were four coats - yes, four, just to get any semblance of an ordinarily painted nail. 

It seems the trick to these is to do one or two thin-ish coats before a final huge dollop of polish and hope for the best. I painted a thin coat and waited sixty seconds, as promised, for it to dry. What a lie that was. I ran my thumb over it lightly and immediately ruined my manicure. It was tacky on the surface up to ten/fifteen minutes after first application. Clearly their definition of dry is, "sort of feels dry if you run your finger over it really quickly using next to no pressure."
The debate finished at 10 o clock and I went to bed at about twenty to twelve. When I woke up in the morning, there were crease marks on my nails. These were the nails that I painted at 8:30 in the evening. EIGHT. THIRTY.

They're having a laugh, they really are. Even the £1 Wilkinsons polish dried way quicker than this.
Oh, and if you wear this without a base coat? Smokers hands. They will be stained the most hideous shade of yellow you have ever seen. I learnt this the hard way.

If this wasn't the only yellow I owned I would have stamped on the bottle in frustration. I should have bought the Barry M one when I had the chance. Grr.


  1. Don't you hate that? I have tried one that was just awful and wish I hadn't bought it. Yours isn't too bad.........lol..........but there are better yellows.
    I ALWAYS wear a base coat.
    Have a nice day,

  2. lol, but I've seen worse yellows!

  3. @ Susie: I know! It's so annoying! I mean, the colour isn't horrendous but the application...urgh. I usually wear a base coat as well, but I got so frustrated with this one that I wiped the whole thing off and started again...without a base coat :P Not the cleverest decision ever...

    @Rhea: lol :P The colour isn't that bad. I think I'll keep this one more for stamping and stuff and buy the Barry M one that I had my eye on. Any excuse to buy polish!


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