International Blog Sale - Discontinued Urban Decay, Barry M, Nails Inc, No7, BeautyUK and more.

Posted by on Thursday, May 26, 2011

 EDIT: Now open to International buyers as well. If your country is NOT Italy (sorry guys, nothing ever seems to get there!) then you have a flat postage rate of £2 for the first item, 50p for the second and beyond that you don't pay. Packages will be sent by Airmail to keep costs down. If something gets lost, I'll keep the receipt so that it can be recovered your end, but by buying you accept that risk. Sorry guys :P

Never thought I'd do one of these, but I'm seriously cash strapped at the moment and lots of brands are releasing some awesome things so I thought I'd get rid of some of my surplus makeup to buy...more makeup. My logic. It makes sense. :/

UK: I'll post everything second class, postage is FREE. If you want it sent by recorded delivery (which I'm happy to do) it's a pound.
Comment below to reserve anything (24 hours) and my paypal address is - same as my blog one! Please send as a gift or send enough to cover the fees, whichever. All sanitation and what not is up to you.
Click the links to see swatches!


Nails Inc 'Paris' used twice, £3.50
Urban Decay 'Zero' liner, mini size, sharpened once, £3

Left to right - Nails Inc 'Shoreditch' £3
No7 'Beautiful Black' £2
Barry M Lip gloss - used twice on finger £1
MUA Eyeliners, black and blue. 50p each or 75p for both.


Nine glittery eBay Nail art pens, each with a good amount left in each, £4 for the lot or nearest offer. If you want to buy them individually, 70p each.


Primark Eye Dusts: £3.50 for the lot, or £0.75p each.


Discontinued Urban Decay pigments in Graffiti (green) and Asphyxia (duochrome pink/purple flash) £3.50 each or £6 together, or nearest offer.

Completely new, unused Hello Kitty stamping plate. £2.50 or nearest offer. You know what, the nearest offer thing applies to everything here so I'm going to stop writing it. Haggle plz.

BeautyUK Glam Nails Nail Polish in 'Slate', swatched twice, £1


No7 Exquisite Curl mascara in Black, never opened and completely unused. £5
No7 Amazing Eyes pencil in Brown, used three or four times but never sharpened. £2
No7 Amazing Eyes pencil in Blue Grey, used once, again never sharpened. £2
No7 Stay Perfect Eye pencil in Blackest, sharpened once, still lots of pencil left. £1


No7 Speed Dry Nail Polish in "Berrylicious" about 90% left. £1.00
Funky Fingers "Elephunk" swatched once. £2.00

Eye Candy False Nails, all nails are present but glue is missing. These are smaller and more curved than my own nails, so if you think you fit that profile, then go ahead. Those with wider/flatter nails or similar nails to mine should probably steer clear :( £1
It looks like there's one missing from the front, but I just put it inside the box after testing it and it didn't fit.

Left to Right:
Nails Inc Caramel, never used. £4.50 SOLD
Nails Inc Kabaret, swatched once. £3.50 SOLD
Barry M Coral, used twice. £1.50
Ciate for ASOS Paints (Megan) 90% left. £2

I know Brits generally shy away from haggling, but please do. I'm not British so feel free. :P


  1. Well I am British so could I have the Nails inc polishes and the beautyUK eye liners? For.. erm.. £12.50? Recorded = £1.00 + 0.50 + £1.00 = £2.50 p&p? = £15.00 total? And do I Paypal you now or wait for you to accept? lol

  2. appleshampoo84, you babe :P Thanks for buying. Mind if I have your email address, so I can contact you? I'll invoice you if you want, it'll make everything a bit simpler.

  3. Sorry lol not thinking at all! Have emailed you from the one I use for Paypal. Hope I didn't keep you up too long :)

  4. Just got back from half term break to find my lovely package waiting for me. Thanks so much!!! You really didn't have to, but it was an awesome surprise. Thank you!! :) x

  5. No problem! Thank YOU so much for buying! xxx

  6. hey are the mua eyeliners stil available?x

  7. hi how much dolars it will be the barry m lipgloss ?

  8. $1.60 using Google's currency converter, from british pounds into US dollars.

  9. 1.60 plus the shipping or total ? ? i'm interested !

  10. Plus the shipping, it'd be $4 - I reduced the postage cost as it's only one lipgloss!

  11. yup I would like the MUA eyeliners! Im in the Uk..whats ur email?

  12. Since you're in the UK, postage is free! So that'll be 75p, is that alright?

    My email is

  13. Hi, are all the nail art pens free? x

  14. Hi, at the moment this blog sale is suspended - there's another on the main page!


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