A Week of Sleek: Avoir La Pêche Collection

Posted by on Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Title is slightly misleading as I ran a mile from that eyeshadow palette. Ewww palette full of weird peach shades and unpigmented mattes. No thank you.
SAM_7996I did pick up Pan Tao blush and Sugar May Pout Polish.
SAM_7997I like the names (don't know what Pan Tao means, but it sounds cool) and the blush seems easier to open than the average Sleek blush, which can only be a good thing. I love my Scandalous blush but it such a pain in the bum to open I don't reach for it as often as I'd like. Which is a shame, because it's a really unique shade.
SAM_8288It's a light peach blush, not as pigmented as I expected but that's not a bad thing - Scandalous was incredibly pigmented and needed to be used with a /very/ light hand. I think you could afford to make a few more mistakes with this one, making it more beginner friendly.

Sugar May Pout Polish was my first Pout Polish, so I wasn't too sure as to what to expect.  The first thing I noticed, it has to be said, was the smell. If you're sensitive to scents in your cosmetics, you might want to pass this up - it's a very obvious artificial vanilla smell. I don't mind the smell, but it leaves an almost bitter, chemical taste even though you haven't licked it...weird. It does moisturise really well though, so I guess it's good if you're willing to overlook that aspect. (bad) Lip swatch:
It's not that pigmented at all, makes my lips look slightly peach with an average application. Good for school.
Swatches of the Pout Polish, three swipes of blush in the middle, one swipe at the end.
Blush absolutely smothered onto my arm:


  1. Pouty lips :) Awesome, pouty lips! Loved the collection and actually the e/s palette would've been a superb blush palette, but I'm glad I only grabbed Pan Tao, will make sure to get ALL Caribbean-named items though *homesick*

  2. I love the Pout on you.

    You want a vivid coral blush with lots of staying power? Barry M.

  3. Lol, thanks Anna! :P Same, I want all the Caribbean items. They look soo good and that blush is properly ORANGE - so bright!

    You lived in the Carribean? That's so cool!

  4. Thanks Jaljen! :P Thanks for the recommendation, as well. I noticed that they do a lilac one, which I've been eyeing up...

  5. Ohh that lip gloss thing looks so good on you!
    I want one too now LOL.

  6. International shipping isn't worth it, ChaosButterfly :( $13.50...insanity.

  7. Great purchases. The blush looks amazing! I wish Sleek was at my drugstore. I hate to have to order things online.

  8. Again, International shipping is pretty pricey, Jennifer! But if you really really want it, order it quick because I'm pretty sure this is limited editing!

    I'm yet to try it out on the cheek yet, but I hope it'll look good, StealMyHeartLove :P I agree, I'm not a fan of online ordering myself.

  9. Wow I love these shades, I really want to get them! May have to pop into my Superdrug store tomorrow to get it!


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