Eye Candy False Eyelashes and Nails Rant

Posted by on Wednesday, May 25, 2011

 So I don't sound like a complete bitch (which I what I probably look like to my new followers, lol! Sorry. Exams make me angry) I'll start with the good/mediocre/'eh' before I start to rant.

First off - the false nails don't fit. I couldn't find a single nail that was remotely similar to my own nails - they all seemed a lot smaller, and a lot more curved than mine. I've never had that problem before, so to tell you the truth I was a bit baffled.

I used the glue instead. It's quite a nice pink colour. Performance wise, was pretty bog standard. Took a little longer to dry, strength was passable. I just like the pink colour, basically. And the application was decent.

The actual false eyelashes are a nice, natural design. The band makes them a little hard to apply, but nothing impossible.

The glue included. Oh god, the glue. RAGE.
As I mentioned in my previous eyelashes post, I am a bit of a false lashes noob, so when I first used this tube of glue to apply anything I was convinced it was my fault. It's this clear, tiny tube of white glue, and the only applicator supplied is a short white stick. Removing the cap from the glue is like defusing a bomb. It requires extreme force to actually get it out, but in doing so, glue shoots violently out of the now free applicator and you're covered with the substance. It ended up all up my wall. Poorly designed and also gross.

You apply the glue to the lash (messily, because the applicator is a bit of a fail) wait for say, a minute. Oh wait, it's not tacky yet. Wait another minute, and employ hand waving motions. Still not tacky. Wait thirty seconds. It's rock hard. Sigh, remove lash glue, repeat process ad infinitum, become twenty minutes late for school because you eventually had to give up and redo all your makeup. Still, better than rolling up looking like a 80s impersonater (ah, the memories).

Give up and apply lashes at liquid stage, lashes slip all around your eyelid, destroying carefully applied eye makeup, refuse to stick at one or both corners, adhesive balls up all around your eyelid, puppies fall from the sky etc. SUCH a pain in the butt. I'd rather they came with no glue at all like the KKCenterHK ones, at least that way I don't end up with glue all up the walls and on my bed.

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