A Week of Sleek: Sleek Contour Kit

Posted by on Monday, May 02, 2011

Finally going to post about my mahoosive haul, lol. Kick starting off my "Week of Sleek" (or "Sleek Week", that works as well) with something I've been wanting for a long time - the Contour Kit.
So the contour kit comes in three colours - light, medium, and dark. I got the dark one and I feel like it's a pretty decent contour for my skin. What I like about the kit is that it comes with instructions on the box and a diagram in the form of a leaflet inside, which is great for clueless people such as myself who are desperate for some semblance of cheekbones from a box (too lazy to work out and obtain them for real, lol) but don't know where to begin.
SAM_8245I think you can also use this to slim down your nose and other things, but I don't need to do that so just applied some contour powder just under where I'd usually put my blush, and blended upwards slightly. Then I applied my blush, and finally the highlighter. I was pretty pleased with the result! I think I may need to play around with my positioning a bit more but for a first attempt, it was alright. You could probably wear this as a straight bronzer too, instead of blush - something I'm going to try. Incidentally, I have a bit of a bronzer horror story for you. Last day of term at school, we're hanging around in the canteen waiting for the bus when one of my friends says, "Did you see Beth in Year Ten today?" I was like, "No. Why?"
"She had two massive smears of ultra shimmery bronzer on her cheeks and she's not even tanned yet so it was just this ridiculous contrast and she looked dumb as hell."
Haha. Year Tens are snotty little poos. Worst year group. No fashion sense and they all have the same hair (backcombed to death, naturally) and the same colour, which changes every season (or according to the colour Rihanna has gone for that month) right now it's that really unoriginal red colour, which is totally wrong on 90% of them.

Wow, that was a tangent and a half. Anyway, I quite like this product :P


  1. I really wanted to order this in my 50% off order but it was sold out in light :( did you get the contour brush from Sleek too?

  2. Lots of things were sold out, Enigma, it was really annoying :( Some of the Pout Polishes and the True Colour Lipsticks were gone as well! I didn't get the contour brush, the kit with the brush and the kit was sold out...and the brush alone was quite a lot, if I remember correctly - so I just use a blush brush.


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