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Posted by on Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Superdrug Beauty Card. 

 I was just chilling in my local Superdrug (buying nail polish, naturally) when we were accosted by about three shop assistants at the same time, each brandishing this card. I came in for it anyway, so I took one and read the leaflet. It's currently languishing at the bottom of my bag because I couldn't even be arsed to take a photograph.
One "point" = one penny. Contrast with Boots, who do four points per pound (though they do have a very generous scheme, to be fair...)

You can only redeem once you get to one hundred points.
100 points = 1 pound
You get a point per pound, ordinarily (unless they're doing a special promotion) So to get a quid back, on average, you'd spend £100. And surrender all the intimate personal and contact details of your life for the privilege.


I don't have time for this.

Thanks, observant company.

Noticed another blogger has possibly borrowed my "Sleek Week" Twitter promotional term for her own series. Which was retweeted and blogged about by Sleek. Thanks, guys. Not that you reply to my emails or anything...not even to the ones that YOU sent ME...



  1. Tweet Sleek YOUR link of posts and tell the blogger in question to think of hr own bloody ideas!

  2. I saw this advertised on TV, and thought Ooo will get one, but seriously after reading that, seems like a waste of time? :-/

    Check out my blog:


  3. As for the blogger pinching YOUR idea, I agree with VexintheCity.

  4. Sleek ignore like all their tweets that aren't from a blogger with more than 500 followers, and that blogger has like 800. She's altered it to "Sleek MakeUp Week" now, but it's being referred to by it's original name on the Sleek facebook page. It's the one at Click and Make up?

    Also I found this:

    Started only three days after my last post. Tempted to keep the series going just for the fun of annoying these people now, lol.

  5. Ahh, I hate when stores give you stupid discount cards. Rite Aid does that too....you have to spent like 100 bucks or something to get a reward. What's even the point of that? -___-

    Also, maybe the blogger didn't steal sleek week from you...sleek and week are cute little words that rhyme. Also, I notice that people use them in slogans together often. She could have thought of it on her own?

  6. Unless you plan your trips out really carefully, Hair and Beautylicious, it is a bit of a waste of time. Sadly.

    Didn't see the TV advert? Might look it up, actually. Was it good?

    There's no point, ChaosButterfly. It's SO annoying when that happens.
    Yeah, there's always the off chance that she came up with it herself, which is why I write 'possibly'. It's just the fact that I had two people do it /right/ after me which was a bit :/

  7. @ OP: Yea that's what I kinda realised when the advert was on and from what you've said. :-/. I think Boots still wins really in the battle of 'saving' cards, although they are quite pricey :-/.

    Yea, just before you posted this blog post, the advert came on. It's with the actress from Gavin and Stacey (don't know her real name).

  8. Boots are more pricey, but I think the more pleasant shopping experience sort of makes up for that, and as you said, the rewards system.

    Lol, I don't watch Gavin and Stacey. I looked it up, however - not the most convincing one I've ever watched :P Thanks for all of your comments!


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