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Posted by on Sunday, May 01, 2011

Looks a bit like a radioactivity warning symbol, amirite?
Ahead of the upcoming launch of the Professional line (which looks really, really interesting) I recieved some MUA bits and bobs to play with. I've already made no secret of how much I adore the eyeshadows and the nail polishes (just click the MUA tag to see my reviews of those) but I'd never tried the liquid eyeliners before, so I was interested in how they'd fare up. They've also just launched the Eye Kohls which I need to look at, especially the orange! What I love about MUA is that everything is a pound, so it's very student friendly.
SAM_8202 So I recieved the liquid eyeliner in shades five, three, and two. This photo tells you which shades correspond to which colours:
Right away, the applicator for the black was a little off. It seemed bent at the tip?
Sorry for the abysmal quality, just could not get my camera to focus on anything but the hairs on the carpet. 
I could still apply it, but it was slightly more tricky than the applicator for Shade 3, which was great. I found the black took a little bit of time to set, (although didn't budge once it was set) but sadly, on me, it flaked off within about an hour.
I loved everything about Shade 3. The brush was completely straight and had just the right amount of "give" in it to give you a nice, thin, precise line. I adore the colour, as well - it's a gorgeous bronze which is great for everyday wear. Also, it didn't flake - probably because so little product needed to be used on account of the great brush. So thumbs up for that.
Shade 2 was in the middle - the brush wasn't as bad as Shade 5's but not as good as Shade 3's, and the colour flaked a little. It does leave a blue stain on your skin, which was quite hard to remove. All in all, I'd definitely purchase Shade 3 and leave the other two. The silver in the line looks quite interesting as well, so I will be checking that out.
I had so much fun photographing the shadows. They're so pretty.
So I have shades 10 (blackened indigo with gorgeous glitter sparkles, closest to camera) 12 (MAC "Club" dupe) 7 (bright grass green) and 4 (light pink). I actually already had shades 7 and 4, so one was passed onto my Mum (who loves it) and one made it's way into the giveaway pot - I opened them to take photos, but didn't swatch them - used my own for that!
MUA has a real strength in their pearl (shimmer) eyeshadows - all of them are pigmented and there is a wide range of colours. The microfine glitter in Shade 10 is absolutely gorgeous and really pops over a base like Pixie Epoxy. It really reminds me of my Urban Decay Black Palette - it's the same sort of dark, brooding, blackened shades with glitter to add complexity.
I've taken a ton of photos to illustrate the colour shift in Shade 12...sorry. It's too pretty, the sort of eyeshadow that can be worn without anything in the crease because it's so complex and interesting by itself.
High end dupes for a pound. God bless the UK.


  1. I love shade 12!If you don't have shade 9, you should so get it. What's the professional line all about?

  2. Love them! :) Black eyeliners are always the toughest to work with! I always find it easier to work with colored liquid liner!

    Also, great pics and nice swatches! And LOVE the radioactivity warning symbol haha! :D

  3. Professional line?! where can i read/see this!?

  4. I have Shade 9, Robyn! Gorgeously strong duochrome, wouldn't be without it.

    They're starting this professional line, which price wise, will range from £1 to £4 (which is apparantly going to be a 12 colour eyeshadow palette) and there have been a few pictures of trios, a face primer (apparantly) and new nail polish shades. So yeah, should be good.

    I haven't had much experience with liquid liner, Rizzie, so thanks for the tip :P Thank you!

  5. Hi Pollyyyb123,

    It seems to be rather secret at the moment :/ but in Superdrug's DARE magazine, you got a sneak preview! All very exciting.

  6. They seem to have good pigmentation. That liner brush is definitely not properly quality-controlled. My fave black liner is a Dr Hauschka that I ebayed. Expensive but excellent.

  7. I think quality control is what we sacrifice for having things at such a decent price, Jaljen. Which is a shame. Hopefully this issue will be addressed with the new Professional line, since we'll be paying a little more?


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