Sleek Acid Palette Swatches

Posted by on Wednesday, June 09, 2010

First row. The very first purple colour is quite a strong purple/blue duochrome in real life.
I'm quite disapointed by the white (all sorts of chalky nastiness and not very well pigmented) but I don't really use white in my looks anyway, so that doesn't affect me :P The yellow looks unpigmented in the swatch but I assure you, I used it for a look (along with the purple in the bottom row) and applied with a brush, it is not. However, after a while on the eye it tends towards a very light, acid green...meh :P It was still damn quirky and I got a few compliments so yey :D The orange also looks unpigmented (in the swatch) but I haven't tried it out yet so can't say. All in all the colours are very nice for a relatively cheap eyeshadow palette. I want to try the Original next :P
This is the second row. A good, pigmented purple. I've used the silver and the purple as eye looks - both gorgeous and eyecatching :P The matte black is awesome as a liner shade, and not chalky at all, easy to blend. I also use it as a brow powder...mildly weird, yes, but I have very dark hair and eyebrows (if a tad sparse) so this fills them in nicely and draws mad attention to them...chola, me? :P

Anyway. All in all - I love it :D

In case anyone was wondering how I get away with crazy eye looks - I usually keep my eyeshadow, if I'm at school, limited to the lid only, so it doesn't look /too/ crazy, and also, as I wear glasses (rarely) it hides it somewhat if one of the head of years is patrolling.


September Lena


  1. Wow, VERY nice colors :D


  2. Thank you Nea! Thanks for your comment also :D

  3. Wow these are so bright!! :)

  4. They're even brighter in real life :P Thanks for your comment Rebecca!


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