MUA Nail Polish Shade Three, UBER angerant. This is a loooong post.

Posted by on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a gorgeous plum colour. Reminds me slightly of Elf's, but warmer.
There were some slight bubbles, but that may be to do with my base coat. I thought I'd given it enough time to dry inbetween coats...hmm.

Application was pretty good, similar to the others really. One thing that annoys me, slightly, is that the labels are stickers which have ink that wears off insanely quickly. That is, if the stickers don't fall off first.

Now. If you don't have time on your hands, you might want to just close the window here :P

Before you read on, this is a megarant. Not against bloggers or anyone in particular, but against fricking PE teachers. (PE, physical education, gym, whatever you want to call it).

So basically. In Year Eight, I had this douchebag for a teacher. He’s short and kind of creepy. Back then, I was more into school sports so when he asked me to represent the school for running/high jump, I’d do it.

In Year Nine, I got a different teacher, who disliked me, but I didn’t mind.

Year Ten (current year) I’ve got a yet different teacher. Basically, the school made the grave mistake of lumping us (my circle of closest five friends, we have way more close friends but since we’re all in the same form, we’re the closest, if that makes any sense) all in one PE group, save one who is doing a higher form of PE so isn’t with us. We resent the subject any way, because we’re only there because it’s Government guidelines in a misguided attempt to stop us all turning into fatty-boom-booms by forcing upon us a couple of hours exercise every week. It takes away four lessons every fortnight that I could spend doing a subject that is actually conductive to my educational progress like say, English, Maths, Science, French…list goes on. But no. We have to spend it with some cow who constantly picks on our group for doing nothing when hello, the rest of your class of twenty are also doing nothing?!?!

Sigh. So anyway, today our class and the class run by the other PE teacher (the year eight one, the creeper) merged for a lesson to play rounders. This wouldn’t have been a problem (Rounders is an OK sport, for us) except the other class are UBER sporty. I mean, UBER. They take everything so seriously and of course, we knew they were going to win. Fine.

My current PE teacher was on a mission to split me from two of my friends. She kept separating us, even though the other two friends (and the rest of the class, mind) were happily talking instead of catching the ball or paying any attention to the goings on of the rounders pitch. I ended up on first base and while I was there, creeper PE teacher walks up and lectures me about not doing anything (look, sir, I suck at games involving balls unless it’s netball, and it’s not even coming my way anyway, I’m pretty much redundant here and have you twigged that I HATE YOUR SUBJECT?) and as a parting shot, asks me why I’m wearing green and pink eyeshadow. I was seething. I’d taken today to try out the Sleek Acid palette some more, and used the matte bright green (gorgeous colour, but even over a primer((well, it was the Sleek crème to powder foundation used as a primer, but still)) needed frequent reapplying) and the uber bright matte pink to create an eyeshadow look. Yes, the colours were bright and in your face. In my defence, for school I do not extend the shadow beyond the lid where it would be viewed easier, and also, as I occasionally wear glasses for subjects where I need to be able to see the board, this reduces the visibility of the look to say, nil? To be fair, though, in PE I never wear my glasses for fear that a stray ball will break them, and I generally rarely wear them. But anyway. Men don’t notice makeup! He asked me,
“What’s with the eye make up, Len?”
(I hate it when he does that. He has this thing about shortening my name more than it already goes. I mean, how do you shorten a name with only four letters in it? And WHY would you want to do that anyway? Hmm? How lazy does one person need to be? Grr. It’s always “Len” or “Tember” which makes NO SENSE. No one calls me Tember. How did he even come up with that? The mind boggles. ARGH. At least ask permission first before you attempt to mangle someone’s name into just…ew. “Tember Len, at your service.” WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL? Sorry. I digress.)
“What about it?”
“I don’t see anyone else wearing eye makeup.”
This is a blatant lie, can I just say. Just because the girls at my school, by and large, prefer to walk around with flaking, too dark mascara (black looks very harsh, I think, on a very pale skintone – they make themselves look either ridic. Tanned or vampire pale with bronzer/too light foundation - if you’ve got nothing else on your face like a blush, lipstick or even some eyeshadow etc) and too much eyeliner, or even worse, Amy Winehouse esque liquid eyeliner flicks drawn on with cheap eyeliner that are flaking by mid-morning. Puke. Not to snark. Just sayin’ that imho, this is not the best look.
I didn’t respond to that. I wanted to say, “I’m not LIKE everyone else. What is this, Clone City? I stand out already. Why not make myself stand out some more?”
And my reply was, “I like green and pink.”
He said, “So do I, but you don’t see me wearing it.”
And then he walked away. I wanted to call after him, “Dude, it’s not my fault that society’s narrow gender standards prevent you from investing in all the makeup you want and walking around with it freely,” but yeah. I left it. I mean, I get that I'm not meant to be wearing makeup. I get it. But then he should have told me to take it off instead of basically blackmailing me into participating in his stupid game.

/end rant. If you’re still here, having ploughed through my little novella I’ve got going on here, you deserve a medal.


words cannot express my anger.


  1. I claim that medal.

    PE teachers are genetically programmed to be @rsey. That's a law of nature. Do try to ignore it.

    In fact many teachers are bullies. I know this. I am one. Teacher NOT bully. A fair few teachers were decidedly average at school and now they rule the roost and are they ever going to exploit their "power". That's pathetic because they only wield power over a few poor buggers who often don't even want to be there. It's all very petty.

    Don't let it bother you. I think we shouldn't have uniform. I never signed up to be uniform-police. As long as students are clean and not downright indecent then I don't care. Luckily I teach Post 16 so there is no uniform and I'm very easy-going and quite scruffy myself. So I'm not gonna give 'em a hard time! Not prepared to be a rampant hypocrite.

    Just give those teachers a bit of sympathy. It's a bad time of year for teachers - exams, coursework, reports, all that rubbish. Plus they are mostly a bit sad and have an inferiority complex because if they'd been brilliant they wouldn't be teachers at all.

    Pink and green! You bold woman! Great combo.

  2. Nice one jaljen. I didn't actually expect anyone to read it :P *awards medal*.

    I didn't know you were a teacher, that's pretty awesome. I'm not opposed to teachers in general, just PE ones. -.- :P I totally agree. You can tell the teachers who were mediocre at school from the ones that excelled because they're generally a tad sadistic :P

    I agree again :P Uniform sucks. If we have to have it, we should at least have a couple of suppliers that we can get it from a bit cheaper as opposed to just the one who charges an arm and a leg (and of course, the school get commision from it). Our uniform is pretty distinctive, even the cut of the trousers and the shirts (and the colours - ew) and you must buy it from one place, and one place only.

    I'll bear that in mind. I won't have much time to fight with them after Thursday, because then Year Ten mock exams start...wah. WAH. And thanks! I have this thing for outlandish eyeshadow colours :P Thanks for your comment, Jaljen, made me smile.

  3. Medal too please :)

    I went to a school like yours for year 7 but the moved house and went to a way lenient one until now. You'll probably hate me but I love PE! I even did National certificate of sport which was 8 hours theory a fortnight and 2 hours practical on top of our 4 hours already.

    You'll love year 11 for my last 2 months we hardly ever went. We went to other classrooms to catch up on coursework.

    Eek what mocks are you doing ? I've just got 2 exams and then GCSE's are over forever :D

  4. *awards medal to vegesauraus* Well deserved, friend :P

    You lucky girl :P I'm going to a Catholic school so they're pretty strict. :( Nah, don't hate you! I like physical activity in general - I do athletics and netball and will hopefully start Taekwondo at some point :D That National Certificate sounds like a hell of a lot of work! But good on you for achieving it.

    Er, for mocks I'm doing English, Maths, Science (they're real module exams, though) Music, History and Tech. I think. They've just given us our exam time table :( Good luck on your last two GCSE's! I'm sure you'll do great. Thanks for your comment!

  5. Ahh yeah Catholic schools are the worst for that kind of thing.

    Ooh Taekwondo sounds really good but quite hard. Thanks, they pushed us really hard so we did most of the work in year 10.

    Quite alot of exams then. Science ones are quite good (well the multiple choice ones). Are you doing triple science or core?

  6. I know right? I don't think Jesus wore a uniform?! :P

    Lol true. I have a sneaking suspicion that I have no idea what I'm getting myself into with Taekwondo... :P
    It's good when you get all the work out of the way, then you have year eleven to concentrate on your other things. Still, well done.

    Yeah, quite a few :P Science ones are awesome! I'm a bit of a science geek so yeah, I took Triple Science. And the next two exams (on Monday) are multiple choice! Cla and Clb (chemistry) I'm looking forward to those, in an odd way.

  7. Ahh i'm utterly hopeless at science. For year 11 we only did one so i did biology. B3 is the worst, i dont like all that writing you have to do

  8. Biology. Good choice, that's my favourite science :P Yeah, I prefer multiple choice over writing too, I always worry I haven't worded the question properly. I feel your pain :P Must be great to be a Year Eleven now, only two more exams and you have the whole summer ahead of you...nice.

  9. NIGERIA DREW WITH SOUTH KOREA. Which means they're out of the World Cup.


    Come on Ghana, you've got my hopes now!

  10. lol oh man..

    your post brings back memories..

    we got to choose our P.E. class
    so I did wieght lifting..
    and 'lifted weights'..
    meaning I just sat around with the girls..looking at the hot guys in our class REALLY lifting weights.. haha

    and my p.e. teacher. kept telling me that I was "a whole lot of woman"

    went to a catholic school as well....
    and we had to wear ugly polo shirts.. and khaki pants!

    ehh soon will be over.. so just have fun with friends and laugh at the creepy teacher!
    how sad a life must be.. if they enjoy harassing students.

    I'm also routing for ghana and america.. and for gyan to be my man.. goodness he is hot.

  11. *rooting* ehh i always make that mistake

  12. Pretty: Lucky you, getting to choose your classes! Lol, watching the guys lifting weights sounds like fun. I can't believe your PE teacher said that to you though, that's awful :(

    Ooh! Polo shirts. I feel your pain :( Thanks for your comment!


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