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Posted by on Friday, June 04, 2010

Last month was the month of the giveaways (in the blogging world) and this month seems to be the month of the haul. And I'm no exception :D

Sleek Foundation, MUA Nail Polish in Shade 1 and Shade 2 and MUA Eye Dust, Shade 6. (It's purple).
It's slightly lighter than I am, but it blends in really well. It's my first foundation :D
The Shade 1 nail polish is a gorgeous blackened blue. It seems to have like blue sparkles in it...need to swatch it properly, but looks gorgeous. Thankfully when I went this time, there was a much wider selection of colours (though there seem to be at least two or three similar reds, boooooring, amirite?) Clearly they had new stock in or something.
Shade 3 is a gorgeous fuschia that is darker than it appears in this photo, sorry guys :P
And this is the eye dust. I've heard good reports of it from bloggers so I'm expecting high quality :P
I was quite pleased to find the protective sticker over the opening. At least this way, I can be sure it hasn't been tampered with by those pesky fourteen year olds -.-
I removed the sticker. Weird sifter, right? I also managed to spill a bit of product while trying to swatch it...
Gorgeous colour, crap photo. It's a beautiful purple bordering on indigo (NOT blurple, who coined that horrific word?) with shimmer and general loveliness :D I haven't tested it for wear yet, but I'll get back to you on it.


September Lena


  1. ooo I love the Sleek palettes

    I gave that creme to powder a try, I used colour Henna

    Nice, good colour matching but... exagerated pores and left an oily slick by the end of the day..bit waxy..not so good! I hope you have better luck with it!!

    I am tempted to try some more MUA products :)

  2. Both the polishes are so gorgeous <3

  3. Thanks for your comment Rebekah! Ooh, exagerrated pores. Hmm. I hope maybe they've changed the formula... :(

    You should! I'm actually quite impressed by this line, apparantly the lip glosses in the tube and bronzers are nothing to write home about but everything else is quite good!

    Thanks for your comment Rhea! I like the colours too :)


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