Posted by on Sunday, June 27, 2010

So this is the loot I managed to bag on that trip to town. I'm going to do the Sally Hansen products first because I'm most pleased with them but I have strong words about the Poundland kit.
Found a load of this in TJ Hughes for just £2.99, bargain! I <3 TJ Hughes, seriously. So much good stuff.

And I also got this:

I thought it would be about £2.99 as well but when I got to the checkout, the woman said it was just a pound! Wow! I've used it twice so far and I like it, it's good. I really hope it works for my nails though :/

Second part coming up.


  1. Ooh i think i may go to TG Hughes at some point. I've only ever been in once

  2. It's good for just having a rummage around, there's not only makeup but clothes, perfumes and bags and stuff. Also there's food sometimes. You should check it out!


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