Poundland Pressed Powder

Posted by on Monday, June 14, 2010

I wasn't expecting as much as I got. Wow, this stuff is pretty good for a pound! I was quite pleased that they'd made one in my skin colour, and it blends in nicely and feels quite pleasant on the face. However, by lunchtime (oneish, that's about time we get to go to lunch at my school) it needed to be topped up again. But yeah, looks like it'll last a while with 16g of product, I think, and yeah, quite a good buy :D Want to try the concealer stick (which looks HUUUGE, don't know how that'll work) and the foundation (please don't clog my pores, please don't clog my pores...) :P

And the MUA shadow - yummo. 2g of highly pigmented, gorgeous purple/black shadow. Niiiiiice.


  1. Must go to Poundland. Note to self.
    You did get the Benefit concealer stick with Red, didn't you?
    It's fab.

  2. Is this the concealer stick that was given away with that magazine? I've been looking and can't find it anywhere -.- Don't think it'd conceal much on me anway, it's probably the wrong colour :P Thanks anyway Jaljen! Always love your comments. :D


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