Ode to Poundland

Posted by on Sunday, June 13, 2010

Poundland. Softening the hit makeup hauling inflicts on your wallet since 2010. Everything you see pictured cost me a pound. Course, it's not all from Poundland. But still.

The only things not from Poundland is the Rimmel Nail Growth thing, and the MUA eyeshadow.
I got the pressed powder in "Medium". I'd assumed that it'd all be too light, as, let's face it, a lot of makeup is not designed for darker skin tones in this country.

Cute design :P
Before being blended out. It matches surprisingly well, considering there are only two shades to choose from. I liked the texture. All in all, not bad. Poundland's new makeup line is actually pretty good. Wish I'd got the foundation and concealer now :P
This is the MUA eyeshadow.
Good pigmentation and pretty colours :D
TJ Hughes had this lurking about their bargain section. A pound. Niiiiiice.
The poundland nail varnish in "Green Green Grass". I wonder how this will wear. I do not want another Wilkinsons' incident to occour :P

EDIT: Only seven days left until my giveaway ends! Don't forget to enter, guys :D


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  1. My £Land has reduced a lot of cosmetics products in favour of....*shudders* football stuff.

    Damn them. That purple eyeshadow is my kind of thing.

  2. Omg. Football fever. It's everywhere. Mine is pretty huge, so even though they'd managed to cordon off practically a square mile dedicated to England flags, shirts and assorted memorabilia there was still a bit of space for the cosmetics :P Not as much as I would have liked, though, practically no nail varnish, just the colour I got :P But actually, the purple eyeshadow is from Superdrugs (still only a pound) sorry if I didn't make that clear. You should definately go try it, for a pound it's pretty pigmented and it's the sort of colour that would suit everybody. Thanks for your comment!

  3. The Birmingham poundland is crappy! I did get some good discontinued Sally Hansen stuff there last time i went though, but nothing exciting.

  4. Nice! I've never seen discounted Sally Hansen at mine, just Rimmel and Maybelline really. Makes you wonder how they get all the stuff so cheap doesn't it? Thanks for your comment!

  5. I just purchased a green nail polish, very similar to green green grass at Claire's. I'm in a green nail polish frenzy this year, let us know how the poundland you have will wear !

  6. Really? I've never tried Claire's nail polish but it's on my to buy list. Isn't green polish great? Glad someone likes it as well! Thanks for your comment, Hini!


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