MUA Nail Polish Shade One

Posted by on Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Probably looks really boring here, but this is without flash.
Still without flash.
KAPOW look at it. Do you see the blue microshimmer? It's so gorgeous :P
The only way I can describe this polish is as a blackened blue/navy with that gorgeous "lit from within" ness that is so hot nowadays.
It reminds me of stars in the night sky. I love it :D Quite impressed that it was only a pound. Lasting power is alright. Formula is good, not as good as the jelly blue that I loved so much but still pretty reasonable and I am actually in love with the colour. Yumage. Anyone else tried this one? (btw, please excuse the nubbins - violin teacher made me cut them off, I AM ANGRY - and any bizarre streaks of pink ink that may happen to assualt your eyes).


September Lena


EDIT: My photos are serious suckage, and there was no sun to take photos with, so here's Lipglossiping's review, which is a lot better :P


  1. Matilda of Matilda's manis has just swatched this! This minute almost! Looks darned good.

  2. Did she really? I'm off to take a look now :P If you can get your hands on it, Jaljen, for a pound it's worth a go, the colour is so pretty :P

  3. Its Beautiful!! I'm confused is the name of the polish MUA?? What brand is it?

  4. Hi! No, the brand of the polish is called MUA (it's Superdrug's own) but the actual polishes don't have proper names, they're just called "Shade 1" "Shade Two" "Shade Three". On the back of this polish, it says that it is called Shade 1, so I just went with that :P Thank you for your comment!


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