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Posted by on Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yeah. But first...


Nah, I feel sorry for the US, I do, but Black Stars... <3 Well played to both teams. Sing sing Africa!

Yeah OK, back to the point.

So I took a trip up to the town centre today, as you do, and settled down for a hard revision session in the Library. Pretty good times. Got a page or so of notes down, went on Bitesize, and then around twoish I decided I needed a break. Borrowed the books (so no one else would take them) stuffed them in my Jane Norman bag and walked out.

Went into Poundland and picked up their concealer (utter crapola) looked for a foundation in my shade (nope, all they had was "Biscuit" (white) and "Oatmeal" (still white, one is slightly warmer toned than the other...) bought their metallic eyeliners (good) picked up some things for the giveaway, got food (wahey).

Went into TJ Hughes and picked up the most awesome Sally Hansen Nail Treatments. One was £2.99 and the other was just a quid. BRILLIANT.

Walk into Superdrugs. The metal detector thing bleeps as I walk in, but I think nothing of it. Go browsing. Eventually, I settle upon a 2True eyeshadow dust for £1.95. There's basically no product in it but it's a nice metallic blue and I wanted to try. Paid for it, made to leave...the thing starts beeping manically. Argh. I stand still in the doorway and the woman is like, "Come over here."
So I go.
"Give me your bag."
I hand it over, along with the Poundland reciept. She sniffs through it cautiously, and pulls out the Sally Hansens.
"Where on EARTH did you get those from?"
Ah, sh!t. Superdrugs have some just the same on their display, only it's about £8.99? Clearly, she thinks I must have stolen them.
"They're from TJ Hughes." I say. The woman next to me agrees. "Look" she says. "You can see the label"
I thank the woman then fish out the rest of the reciepts from my pocket. Luckily everything corresponded. Jeez. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn't had those....I didn't even steal anything! I mention the library books in my bag and immediately she's like, "Oh, that's what did it then."

Lol thanks for the apology, not.

So anyway. Superdrug, update your fricking anti-theft devices so they don't bleep when someone carrying a library book comes into your store. Everyone else has managed it.


  1. I have a bag and purse made from recycled juice cartons which sets off the JD Sports alarms and some other shops. It's really annoying but if it goes off on the way in i make sure one of the staff knows :)

  2. yeah Ghana! oh man I started watching.. and couldn't watch cause I was too nervous.. I really really wanted Ghana to win!! my dad though was yelling at the tv "Ghana won..Ghana knows soccer"

  3. Vegsauras: Your bag sounds awesome! But yeah, I can see how that would get annoying sometimes...especially when you get people looking around at you! Doesn't help that we're teenagers, too :(

    Pretty: Yey, you watched it too! Same, I also really wanted Ghana to win, what a gruelling game though :P 2 hours is a long time to play.

  4. Love the title.
    Complete non-sequitur. Terrific.

  5. Lol thanks jaljen :P I have a thing about writing dumb titles.

  6. I was really happy for Ghana last night. Hope it's the same for England today.

    Oh man I used to go to the uni library, borrow about 15 books, cram them into bags and try and leave and the bleepers would ALWAYS go off and then I'd have to go to the security desk and scan them ALL through again. Stupid.

  7. I know right, Rebecca :/ It's the 21st century, people should get up to date...


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