Yet More Drama /inapropriate language

Posted by on Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blogging while you're angry. Don't do it, guys.

Seriously, since Scandalous Ange is oh so desperate for the commenter "hmm" to reveal herself, here I am.

I really respect/respected her and her blog. She's witty and amusing and generally a good read, as are the rest of the Wicked Vixens. I used to comment a lot on her swatches etc. and actually quite admired her. (infact, she's actually on my blogroll)
 Today (Sunday) I saw the post she'd written which I've linked to above. The post does not bother me, at all. What she wrote after it does. This was my comment:

"I have no issue with this post but I do take issue with you wishing Afghanistan and Iraq to be turned into "craters" and expressing a wish to a return to the destruction of Hiroshima.

"I want this shit settled. And if it means nothing but a goddamn crater left, then so be it."
"If it were up to me, I'd be blowing a hell of a lot more shit up and getting this shit DONE. I miss the days back in WWII, back when America wasn't afraid to FUCK SHIT UP"
I love your respect for, you know, humanity in general, other nations, etc. /scarcasm. You're against the deaths of American soldiers but for the annihilation of entire nations of (non American) people? Shame on you."

I recieved abuse after that but you know, I spoke my mind. Check it out if you want guys. I'm not calling for anyone to stop following her blog because it's still very entertaining and informative, or to call her out over this. This is just a cautionary tale - be careful what you say on the interwebz.

I'm done here.


  1. abuse? really? um, no... I said it took balls to comment anonymously, that's all. I never once personally attacked you. I voiced my own opinion, on my own blog,and then you tried to bait me, turning words around. Then, you commented later we were cool. Then you post this? So, whatever.

  2. And, I wasn't desperate to have you reveal yourself. All it takes is an IP address and its not hard to figure out who's who

  3. I posted this before we decided we were cool. I'll remove it if you wish.


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