Pastels Series

Posted by on Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh hey. Recently, I frankened a load of pastel nail polish colours because my collection is distinctly lacking in them. Here they are:

The green colour is Barry M in mint green. All the others are frankens, though.
Sorry about the sidewaysness of it, I forgot to rotate them before I uploaded them. This is like a pale peach colour that I made that I've since frankened into a stronger orange colour.
Application was awful. Just sayin'.

This was a lot better, and actually one of my favourite colours because it applied so smoothly and looks really good.
The lilac and the blue. I've already featured the blue on this blog but here's a swatch of the purple:
I really didn't make a lot of this colour, it barely fills the bottom of the bottle, so I expect it to run out soon. Still, the colour was cute.

Thanks for reading! Love,

September Lena

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