Posted by on Friday, May 14, 2010

I just thought I'd showcase my weird nail polishes for you. These are the frankens - I'm going to do a quick series on these in a few posts time, so stay tuned :P

From left to right: Brown/dark red colour, green, purple glitter, lilac, pale blue. In front: pale coral, light orange

These are all my generic polishes obtained from like nail kits and suchlike.
The purple is, incidentally, a peel off nail polish which is quite a cute novelty. The second to last gold colour is a mad mass of glitter when it gets into the light and the last one is a pretty pearl.


  1. COOL.
    I've never made my own polishes. Nice one,

  2. my frankens are always fails, haha...

  3. @Susie: Thanks! You should have a try, it's really fun! :)
    @Rhea: I'm sure they're not :P You're back from your trip! How was it?


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