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Posted by on Monday, May 03, 2010

Apparently OPI are not allowing and suing e-tailers that sell their polish abroad. I've never bough any OPI because where I've seen it (mostly QVC) it's been stupidly expensive. They were selling a 15ml bottle of cuticle oil with a matching cream for eighteen pounds something. This is absurd. Now that you have to order it from their website, paying full retail and postage etc, it's even more stupid. The Swatchaholic says it better than I do - I urge anyone interested to take a look at her post on it.

She raises quite a few valid points. American cosmetics are a lot more expensive over here (when I say here, I mean Europe in general) which is why e-tailers are great. Obviously, it's more expensive to ship a product over, and so some disparity between the country of origin and the new country is expected. But when you get price markups of 140% (OPI in Germany and OPI in the US, check Swatchaholic for all the maths) perhaps it's time to draw a line.


  1. I am kinda glad I dont like OPI anyway, I could manage paying $4 for them..but now they are gonna have to get rid of the stock..I wont bother buying anymore!!

  2. Lol, I agree :P For the full retail price, I'd rather splurge and get Chanel or something.


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