Barry M Mint Green Swatch

Posted by on Tuesday, May 04, 2010

This is the colour that I've been waiting for for so long. I figured that since we have a bank holiday this weekend, why not try it out?

In all it's glory:
Two pounds ninety five from Superdrug. I love it so much.
This was two coats, apart from the ring finger and the thumb - that was three. Application was a tad iffy, to be honest. Not as good as Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry. This formula was really quite watery and blah. Took ages to dry as well - I kept smudging it and having to start over. Definitely needed at least two coats because one is really not enough. Still, the final effect is really good and it hasn't chipped yet, even without top coat.
I apologise for the index finger - had a really bad break and I had to cut it back so far that it hurt :( Ah well. I really love this colour! It's very eye catching and cute. Another winner from Barry M.


  1. Pretty color. :)
    I've had to cut my nails back to. When I have to do one I do them all. Well not back so it hurts. :)

  2. I love Barry M, have been reviewing a few of them on my blog recently. Such good quality for the price!

  3. @ Susie: I sympathise :(

    @Rebecca: Barry M are great aren't they? I really need to try their Dazzle Dusts - heard so many great things about them!


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