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Posted by on Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Fimo pieces have been slobbing around my room for an age after my terrible experiences with the three flower canes that were included :( Seriously, they would get caught on anything and everything and by second or third period there would be these huge ugly holes in my nail polish :( Plus, they were really time consuming and boring to cut.


First, I painted my nails with this orange franken.
Then I got my fimo canes and decided to slice them. Surprisingly difficult as these were fruit shapes and the majority were a lot thicker than what I'd been used to. So I filled a mug to the brim with hot (like, from the kettle) water and put clingfilm over the whole thing before resting the canes on the whole thing. A few minutes on that and they were a lot easier to slice thinly.
What do you guys think? I topped it off with a gold glitter polish from Rimmel.

These actually managed to stay on for three/four days without falling off, which I was really pleased with! I've come to the conclusion that round canes are just easier to use than the flower ones. How do you guys find fimo?


September Lena


  1. I buy them pre-sliced, super thin and less than £1 for 120

    I coat them in seche so they dont come off.. and also makes them nice and smooth :)

  2. Nice! One pound for 120 is great. Are they all the same design or do you get different ones?

    Yeah, that's the one thing that bugs me about fimo, I can feel it on my nails :P I really need to get some Seche and try it out. Thanks for your comment!


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