Epic Haulage and a little Eurovision something for my followers :)

Posted by on Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hey guys!

Wow. I went to watch a film and go shopping with my friends today and we went to Boots and Superdrug...
Yeah that's right. You sees it, you wants it.

Bahaha I am so proud of my hauling skills.
Barry M's! They were doing 3 for 2 over at Boots so the three cost me £5.90 when they usually would have cost whatever £2.95 times by three is. :D I got Spring Green, Cyan Blue and I've forgotten the name of the purple one.

I thought I'd get in on the MUA action. You see, Superdrug have just brought out their new range of £1 products (nail polish, eyeshadow, pigments, liquid eyeliner, blush and bronzers etc.) and I wanted to try them out because the blogosphere's been kinda empty lately. And yes, I've only photographed one for a reason.

I'm so late to the Sleek bandwagon! It's a company that makes makeup specially for darker skinned women like myself (though of course lighter skinned people can wear it too) and so all the colours are highly pigmented and stuff. British bloggers rave about this so much :P
I got the Acid palette which is full of the bright colours which I love as well as a few more shimmery, slightly less bright ones. At a glance, I probably won't be using the matte white, but I'm game for all the others :) They've raised the price since these first came out, they used to be £4.99 but now they're £5.99. Still, I'm not that bothered - apparantly they're great quality for their price (and they're mineral based) so swatches will be appearing soon.

So I was feeling the Eurovision love (as I'm typing this there's only about half an hour to go until it starts!) and decided that I'd give away the other MUA polish (mint green) and try and go to Superdrug before the giveaway ends to pick up some more colours (and some Barry M, because apparantly everyone loves that) for an international blogger to try. Failing that, you can have the other MUA polish and of course, either way, I will include chocolate :D The giveaway isn't starting today, by the way - I'd quite like to get everything together first, but yeah. Anyways. To the European readers - go Eurovision!

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