Softlips 'French Vanilla' flavoured lip balm

Posted by on Friday, January 20, 2012

This is cute, you gotta admit.

It does smell of French Vanilla but also of menthol. I'm not that keen on putting menthol on my lips, personally (I know some people are huge fans) but the tube is cute and the balm does it's job well. The smaller size is great for those who have smaller lips (not me) or just freaks like me who love cute shizz. This is cute. I like it. The poorly hidden K-pop fan in me wants to scribble all over it in Hangeul and pretend it's made by Etude House, and I too can look cute like my favourite K-pop celebs by using it. I don't know why, or what's wrong with me.


Pretty much the only downside to this is the quantity. This was £1.25 (or thereabouts, I think. Maybe a little more) from Superdrug, and you get 2g of product in this stick, whereas a 'normal' sized balm from say Nivea would be about 4g and about £1.70, or if you go for the own brand versions, around the same price as the Softlips. The way I see it, I'm paying for the cute packaging - which is fine. I know and understand that, and made my decision. But this doesn't work miracles on my bone dry lips, nor does it really taste of anything (smells of something though) so it's not like a miracle lip treatment for me. IT'S SO CUTE THOUGH.

Seriously, I consider this the budget of obtaining cuteness without paying through the nose for some authentic Asian brand on eBay. Wait until payday rolls around again, then I can afford the real deal.


  1. I do love the tingle of this x

  2. It's a nice subtle tingle, which I like. None of that agressive poppy plumping stuff :P It's nice and tame...but would still rather it wasn't there at all!

  3. hi, anonar! just checking in. :)

    if you like elf, try the studio line of brushes. we americunts swear buy those.

  4. @Anonymous: Hello meme friend :P I haven't logged on in a while, actually (exams have been taking all my time) but now MBLAQ have made a comeback you may see me more often ;) Thanks for your comment!

    I think I will check out the studio line, I've heard good things about the eyeliner brush and I always need a new eyeliner brush :P Thanks again!


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