E.L.F Studio Conditioning Lip Balm in 'Berry'

Posted by on Thursday, January 12, 2012

This was the first thing I tried as soon as I opened the box my order came in, and I am seriously impressed.
It's easy to apply (but not too soft. It's a 'just right' consistency, not the sort of product that you hesitate to leave in a pocket for fear that it melts, cough cough, Mirror Shine lipsticks) and leaves a visible tint which is easily layered for greater intensity. Smells yummy, too.



What sells this product for me, though, is the sheer moisturising power it delivers. I have very dry lips, as I've mentioned before. On average, my lips peel/shed skin/bleed about every one/two days if I don't religiously apply balm every hour or so (I know that's pretty quick and there's probably some underlying deficiency or something somewhere, but they've been this way for as long as I can remember) and thus makes it difficult for me to wear lip colours and such, as they're constantly in bad shape. This kills two birds with one lipbalm pot - it delivers the moisture while giving me colour. I don't have to reapply excessively either, as the effects stick around for a while even after it's long gone.



Anyone else find these pretty damn decent for £3.50, or am I a total anomaly? In my opinion, in terms of conditioning power and pigmentation these own the Sleek Pout Polishes, no contest. Plus, those taste abysmal.


  1. He, this one's also my favorite and I also wrote a review for it. I'm soooo in love with this balm and it saved my chopped lips. Plus, I love the color.

  2. I love these too! I'm glad you've said the Sleek polishes taste vile as well - I keep reading reviews which say they're lovely and feeling like there's something wrong with my taste buds!

  3. Wooo! Glad that I'm not the only one who loves this, Macnetize. What colour did you buy yours in? I quite like the fact that the range is pretty extensive.

    Someone else that agrees! I find that some taste really bitter? Like the Avoir le Peche one (Sugar May) tasted awful! I guess that people have different taste buds and all that, but perhaps Sleek shouldn't put such a polarising scent in something that's going on our lips! Thanks for your comment, Hannah.

  4. Omgwtf this is BEAUTIFUL on you ;__;


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