No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish in 'Lucky Lilac'

Posted by on Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wanting to get in on the whole pastels-for-spring trend on time this year, I bought this in late autumn/early winter. It's not the best No7 polish I've tried...

It was pretty runny to apply, but surface-dried in seconds, so you'd pass your brush nearby and get drag and brushmarks in the polish. Although it surface-dried quickly, actual drying time was longer than average, and you had to be careful of denting it even three or so hours after initial application. Bubbles formed on my thumb and middle finger, and the whole thing feels heavy on the nail - like you've got layers and layers of paint on, even if it's only two or three coats. The shape of No7 bottles really doesn't help either...globs of polish drip down as you're painting. All in all, wouldn't repurchase. I usually like No7's nail line, but perhaps their pastels are a colour family to stay away from.



  1. I'm more into green shades but I must say that the color you use is quite lovely as well.

    Cheers xxxx
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