L'Oreal Double Extension Lash Beauty Tubes

Posted by on Monday, January 09, 2012

Behold, my mascara saviour.

After my hideous incident with the MUA mascara, I was lucky in that I had another in my drawer to try. I'd not had any prior experience with these two step mascaras, so it was quite exciting for me to brush on the white primer side and then the black mascara side. I got definition, length, and a little volume. It's pretty easy to layer, as well, so you can create a very dramatic look with little effort. I personally like the brush, as well. While I prefer the plastic ones, this is like a traditional bristle brush with shorter bristles, so it's pretty cylinderical. I find it makes for both great application and control.

Having had this for a little while now, I can say that the black side of the formula does thicken up considerably, and turns almost...rubbery? Making it a lot less pleasant to use, have to say. The trade off being that it does deliver a lot more volume with that added thickness. I've been using it for about three months. I think this is a repurchase, though it is more expensive and won't last me as long as the other mascaras I use. But the time it saves me in the morning (no need for cleanup, quick application) is worth it, I feel.

Some hideously messy pictures to illustrate my point:



Anyone tried this one? Or even better, knows of a dupe that doesn't change consistency so dramatically?


  1. I wasn't a fan of the Beauty Tubes formula so I used the Revlon Lash Fantasy and found that one much nicer. It doesn't get rubbery at all.

  2. Thanks for the rec, Janelle! Not sure if they sell that one here :/ But I'll have a root around. It's probably about the same price point as this one, if they do sell it.

  3. hello
    this is my favourite mascara.maybe you don't know how to use it.You don't have to wait a log time after first step,just few secondsand then step 2.


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