E.L.F All Over Cover Stick in 'Toffee'

Posted by on Sunday, January 15, 2012

The second makeup item in my E.L.F order, I was pretty curious as to whether this would actually resemble the website's photographs at all. That's the problem with E.L.F not having a physical store presence - you have to, for the most part, rely blindly on online swatches. Luckily, this fit me really well.


For a physical colour comparison that you can actually swatch in store, I'd suggest Sleek 'Hide It' concealer in shade 4. I own both and the colours are almost dupes (I'd say Sleek has ever so slightly darker red undertones) but the E.L.F is a lot cheaper and the mechanism is less prone to breaking. On the flipside, the Sleek is unscented, whereas the Cover Stick has a sort of orangey, sugary smell? Not sure how to feel about that. It's not unpleasant, just an interesting choice for a face product.


The way I like to use this is as a concealer. I dip my finger in and just put it over some dark spots on my face, rubbing slightly. I then go over with powder, and it stays all day. I think this is a bit too thick to use under the eyes, but for concealing blemishes it's great. It's quite creamy, so blends well, and doesn't dry your skin out.


Recently, this has been my 'go to' face makeup. Conceal with this, light dusting of powder, and I'm off to school. Takes almost no time in the morning and looks effective. Another winner from E.L.F, in my opinion. I like it when you can finally understand the hype about a company.

Applied thickly.

Blended in - you can barely see it!


  1. I like this product too, I haven't quite found my shade but next time I order I will be trying out a lighter shade :) looks as if this matches your skin well!

  2. It's surprisingly close, Enigma - considering I basically just matched online. Shame that you haven't found your shade yet! Good job they're cheap :P How do you use the ones that don't match your skin? Do you think these would work as eyeshadow bases? My first thought is that they're too creamy...

  3. I gave one to my sister as she is darker than me, and the other is lying in a draw! It might work as a base, think I will try it see what happens!


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