The Christmas E.L.F

Posted by on Sunday, January 08, 2012

The reason I named this post as is was because even though I ordered these well after the last posting date (in time for arrival before Christmas) they still arrived two days before Christmas. Pretty impressive, when you consider that it was during a sales period, too.
Very impressed with everything I ordered (though not with the fact that they reduced the price of the kabuki from £6 to £3 after I'd ordered it) and as always, full reviews of everything will be coming. Eventually. As soon as I'm done with my exams :/ I hate exams.




The price? A measly £14, including postage. In all fairness, the discount was 40% off...even so, E.L.F do promotions more often than Rihanna releases singles. It's pretty rare to pay full price for an E.L.F order, something that makes them even more affordable than they already are.



First impressions are /very/ good.


  1. Good luck with the exams! The e.l.f eyelid primer is my ultimate beauty product, it makes such a difference! xxx

  2. Good luck with exams! *steals kabuki while you're not looking*

  3. Is it really, Amy? Had no idea something that cheap could be that good (though obviously I'have heard great reviews about it!) I'll try it and see. Thank you1

    Thanks, Jerry! Think I'll need it...some of the content is impossible. *chases after missing kabuki*

  4. is that the mineral eye primer or just the basic one??? :) looking forward to the reviews

  5. It's the basic one, Bea! The mineral one only comes in one colour, I think, and I wanted to try a coloured eye primer as I don't already own one.

    Thanks for your comments!


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