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Posted by on Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I may or may not have gone a leeetle crazy once I got my GCSE money and erm, yeah. See for yourself. In my defense, I've been broke all summer!


These should have set me back £20, even with the promotion, but because I used a Superdrug voucher during the transaction, I only spent about £15 (WINNING).
On the release date of these, some bloggers had reported that the tubes felt crunchy when they felt them in the stores. I found that 'crunchy' sensation happened to almost every tube that I picked up. I suggest you go out and experience it yourself, because it's so odd - almost as if the tube was filled with little sugar crystals rather than highly pigmented lip related goodness. After comparing the feel of the testers to the actual product, I decided to bite the bullet and buy them anyway, correctly guessing that it was just the packaging - getting home and trying them out, they're as expected as soon as the packaging is removed. Yey.


A quick trip to Wilkos revealed a huge jar of petroleum jelly for just 50p (for making tinted lipbalms) three tubed lip balms in cute flavours, and then I went back to Superdrugs for the wax strips and asprin. I'm planning to do an asprin mask with the asprin, so that's why I included it. Lol.



Finally, I had no idea that MUA Cosmetics had new colours out? I picked up these gorgeous three on a whim. Two bright, almost-neon summery colour (a hot pink and a hot orangey-red) and then this gorgeous khaki shade for that painful transition to autumn. Well. It'd be painful if we'd actually had any sunshine this year...regardless, the dirty green shade is a really unusual addition to a budget cosmetics line. Hoping it performs...


  1. Great haul! I love the pout paint!

  2. i like everything :D i never heard of an aspirin mask, hope to see more about it on here please xx

  3. I want all pout paints. PLEASE. NOW.

  4. I didnt know that they had new shades of the polish either. Hope to see swatches :)

  5. Thanks Sadie! I need to review it, actually - mostly positive!

    Don't worry, Irishenchantment - I'll post about it, definitely!

    They /do/ ship internationally, Anna...but you and your crafty ways could EASILY get one of your UK minions to get it for you! x I wouldn't mind, hun x

    Nor did I, Enigma. Not very well publicised, in my opinion! Ah well. I learnt about them in the end, I guess.


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