I'm in Miami, girl. (Part Two)

Posted by on Monday, August 15, 2011

This is for the cosmetics side of my luggage. I tried to keep it small, but...


Recently, I've been featuring Sleek products less and less on the blog (mainly because of their piss poor customer service, but also because it seems to be all that anyone ever blogs about) but I couldn't help the fact that they ended up being so prominent in my travel bag -.- Their thin size and multitasking nature makes them easy to take on holiday, OK? *is defensive*

Anyway, the three palettes are - 'Storm', 'Acid' and 'Primer' - though I'm not sure if the latter will last in the Italian heat - and I took a Face Contour kit in 'Dark' and a Sheer Cover lipstick in 'Calico'. I also took an MUA quad and liquid eyeliner, three No7 eyeliners and one Primark one (in bright orange) a Rituals lipgloss, a Miners lip tint and Urban Decay Primer Potion in 'Eden'.

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  1. hahah agree on the all anyone ever blogs about sleek thing. suppose they do have some pretty good products though. never had to deal with their customer service luckily! x


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