Barry M 'Mushroom'

Posted by on Sunday, August 14, 2011

£2.99 well spent, I'll give you that.


A very nice nude polish on my skin, but it's not one dimensional in colour as so many other nude cremes are. When I first saw this, I was convinced that the undertones were yellow, but viewing it outside in overcast weather, it looked almost like a muted purple. Most of the time, it hovers somewhere between the two depending on what angle you view it from. An achievement for a budget creme polish, yes?


Compared to Barry M's previous naming efforts, I'd say the title of this one is spot on.

Feel free to view it SUPAH SHINEE


I usually don't add an especially shiny topcoat onto my nude polishes if I'm aiming for manniquin hands, as the human body isn't especially shiny (unless you're sweating buckets or something) so I find it looks unnatural. But since this isn't any old nude polish, I thought it called for it.


Random fact: I think I prefer this with one coat, compared to two. No idea why...though in these pictures, you're seeing two coats.
This lasted, chip free (minimal tipwear) for four days on me - pretty damn good when polish is often falling off my nails within the hour.


  1. It does have a purplish tinge on you. Amazing how our skin colour affects how shades look.

  2. I love this on you! It's a really chic color. :D

  3. I've always passed on this but now I want it!

  4. This looks lovely on you :) I forget about this colour, it's a really nice nude xx

  5. I agree, this is a very chic color (:
    I also stop by to tell you I tagged you on a award post Some Awards.. ^_^

  6. I love this one, I had to hunt for it for a while but got it hehe!

    shel xx

  7. I know, jaljen. I remember distinctly Essie's 'Bermuda Shorts' look downright PURPLE on someone, but it's definitely pink on me.

    Thanks, ChaosButterfly! I quite like that the neutral trend is sort of all year round, rather than 'seasonal' like say, brights or pastels.

    Magpies, unite! @Nicole

    Do try it, Helly. It's neutral sort of...ness (english language fail) means that it's one of those colours that just suits everyone.

    Thanks, Gemx! Yeah, that's a problem when you have a lot of polish - I know I have lots in my collection being neglected at the moment!

    Thanks, Forever 92!

    It's one of their more popular ones, I think. But good that you got it in the end, Irishenchantment!


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