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Posted by on Thursday, August 25, 2011

So I'm back from Italy, and will just give you a rundown of the makeup related portion of the trip before DISPLAYING THE PRETTIES.


 How and where to start? Well, we went to Italy and on the second day, we went to buy jewellery. While waiting around for the jewellery shops to open, we walked into a beauty store (reminded me of Superdrug) and there, on the walls, was the most gorgeous Labello display I've ever seen.

Naturally, I tried to get my mum to let me buy some but she wasn't having any of it ('We've got lip balms at home!') entirely missing the point which was that I NEED THESE FOR THE BLOG GAWD

Eventually, I admitted defeat and reasoned that we could come back another day and buy them. But as the days passed and Mum finally realised the IMPORTANCE OF THESE LIP BALMS, it became clear that we weren't returning. sob. And by the time she was prepared to help me buy them, it was a bank holiday in Italy (any excuse for a day off work, you slackers). And we were leaving the day afterwards! We stopped at two superstores on the way to the airport but all I turned up were these two poxy imposters.

By this time I was pretty furious, seeing as I'd SEEN what I wanted to blow my 30 euros on on like the second day, but I wasn't allowed to buy it. And they were only 1.50 euros each, compared to what I'd pay if I wanted to buy online from the UK (upwards of four quid including postage) so I totally sulked my way through security. Had a sneaky check in Duty Free but couldn't find anything but overpriced Toblerones.


On the way to the gate, however, I saw a Kiko store and SQUEALED. Yey for Kiko!
I should have taken photos but it was getting close to the time for them to open the gates, so I quickly chose what I wanted and left. The polishes were priced at 2.50 euros each, which I found very reasonable, but they also had a discounted bucket full of polishes at 1.50 euros which was even better. The majority of the cremes were 2.50, and the rest 1.50. I paid 15 euros in total (my Mum bought a polish too which isn't pictured. See, she can buy nail polish, but I can't buy lipbalm. no capito) and I'm pretty happy with what I got in return.

I'm genuinely upset about my Labellos, though. As soon as I regained internet access (no thanks to you, TalkTalk) I spent like three hours looking for sites that ship to the UK but it was a lot more expensive than it would have been to buy in Italy (1.50 versus nearly £3.70 a lipbalm, often not including postage) so yeah. Depressed. If anyone knows any reasonable sites that do it, please let me know!

My Kikos are beautiful though. Kiko Makeup Milano. Doesn't that just roll off the tongue?


Kiko Makeup Milano sounds like a name for a chav baby. I still like it though. For a cosmetics company.


Before, when I thought of 'Kiko', I thought of the gorgeous Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara. But then she had the bad taste to go out (not confirmed but it's so obvious) with the hideous lead singer rapper thing from the tryhard and tragic boyband Big Bang so she's on my shit list anyway. I fully embrace Kiko Makeup Milano as my new go-to Kiko of choice.



  1. o0o, is kiko a UK brand? I've never heard of it here in the states.

  2. I's an Italian makeup brand :( Doesn't seem to be very available for us UKers though!

  3. "Kiko Makeup Milano sounds like a name for a chav baby" hahahahahaha, love it xx

  4. LOL this one really made me laugh, I love your sense of writing. :) And if you want Labello, just let me know, I can send it up to you, not a problem! We have it in Slovenia too.

  5. Lol, glad you liked it Amy :P It's up there with 'Chardonnay' on the list of things you shouldn't name some innocent kid...

    Thanks Ulmiel! I might have to take you up on that Labello offer actually - how much do they cost in Slovenia? I was looking for the Fruity Shines?

  6. Great post and welcome back!

  7. Hmm, no idea how much they cost. Around two euros? I can check and then get back to you, I don't buy a lot of their producs. I'll see if we can get Fruity Shines too, but give me a week or two, I'm in my exam period. :)

  8. Ooh, please do Ulmiel! And of course, take your time. Best of luck with your exams! <3

  9. I'm not 100% certain but I think those Labello things are just a foreign version of Nivea. I've definitely bought an identical one of those Soft Rose lip-balm ones but it was the Nivea brand... Which I bought in Superdrug :)


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