Nails Inc 'Copacabana'

Posted by on Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Feast your eyes on this corally goodness.


For me, this is my perfect summer coral. It's bright, clearly coral (doesn't lean red or pink or orange in particular) and applies nicely enough that I don't have to struggle every time I apply.


Two non streaky, opaque and even coats and this was good to go. Drying time was slightly quicker than average, even without my usual quick drying top coat. For a freebie, this was pretty darn good (the now ended buy-two-Dove-deodorants-get-a-nail-polish offer in Boots)


*snuggles bottle*
I liked this one so much I actually bought a backup bottle so I won't run out. That's something I NEVER do with my beauty purchases, so yeah. This one is a keeper.



  1. perfect nail, perfect colour for your skin tone, perfect photos. just wow!! xx

  2. Thanks so much, Liloo! Although my photos are always a bit pants :P x

  3. That looks amazing on you! Good thing you got a backup. :)


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