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Posted by on Thursday, August 11, 2011

Out of MUA's Pro range, I was most excited about the crackles, but my (old) local Superdrug was dragging it's feet about getting them in. As soon as they did - nearly a month after launch, naturally - I quickly dashed in there and snapped up two colours - a silver named 'Shattered Ice' and a dark, indigo blue called 'Quiver'.


I was geniunely up for buying the whole range (minus the black, as I already own a black shatter) but yeah, lack of funds killed that idea dead. Ah well. The salmon one is MINE at some unspecified point in the future.


 This is the silver shatter over Barry M's 'Raspberry'. I like the contrast - the light metallic silver against a dark background makes it pretty striking.

On my middle finger, I cocked it up a little - that was the one I painted first, and the coat I did was far too thin to effectively crackle properly. To achieve the effect I like, I do thick coats. The formula is runnier than other crackles that I've tried, which is good in the sense that it won't turn into thick, unusable tar after three weeks but does mean  you have to put a little extra work in to get it to crackle evenly. Plus, the brush is thinner than normal (thinner than the normal MUA range, as well) so I do have to be quite precise with how I'm applying the product. I'm willing to put in the effort, though, as we haven't seen this wide a shade range in the UK.


'Quiver' really reminds me of a post I saw by ChaosButterfly on the Sally Hansen nail crackles - it's the same jelly-like, not quite opaque finish.


I'm planning on doing a proper post when I've collected more, but for now I just included some quick photos. This is 'Quiver' over Nails Inc's, 'Atomic'.

Tell me I'm not alone in coveting the salmon one?



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