Studio 15 Piece Brush Set Review

Posted by on Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's not a good 'un.

 So this is the brush set, all rolled up and that. Looking pretty innocuous.
 Fifteen brushes in total. My mum bought this like last year to give to me for Christmas this year, as it was reduced at the time from like £10 to £7, or something like that. I'm not totally accurate on the prices as this was a gift. You can buy brush sets on eBay for like a fiver, some of which I've been interested in. I'm sure they'll do better than this set, let me tell you.

Still, it's not all negative. The fan brush was a lot thicker than expected, which means it is good for applying pigmented blushes with a light hand, or for brushing away fallout.

That was it.
These ferrules came away from the handle the moment I removed the brushes from the packet. I am not lying.
There is a slight backstory to my first opening of this set. I was soaking my feet in a bucket (lmao, awkward) and decided to inspect the brushes while I waited. In typical fashion, I managed to drop the entire set into the bucket...yes, really. So I rescued them from their impromptu dunking, which only lasted about a second. I dried them off and left them in the air for a day or so.

When I came back to fully road test them, removing them one by one from the roll, I discovered that the four brushes above...were as they were. I was furious, and promptly double checked the rest of the brushes by giving them a small tug of the sort that might be expected when washing it or something.
A further four brushes lay beheaded. Great. Which left...
 Just seven brushes. Seven brushes out of fifteen were sturdy. Not good, Studio. Not good.

I've considered the possibility that the dunking was to blame, and I've discounted it. Brushes should at least withstand vigourous washing, which the drop into the bucket wasn't even up to, force wise. 
Not nearly enough glue to hold the ferrule in place. I've just glued all of mine back togther, and so far they're going strong. Why is my glue job better than Studio's? -.- Not impressed.
 Within the brushes there is plenty of fail, too. You see the green in that brush? What on earth is green doing in that brush? That's just weird.
On closer inspection, it looks like dried grass. It was relatively easy to remove by pulling it.
In my hand, it does indeed look like dried grass of some description. Wtf. What is dried grass doing in a make up brush?
The eyeliner brush is pure plastic and far too scratchy and dangerous to be allowed anywhere near the eye vicinity. Nope.
All in all, this sucks. Studio, sort your life out.


  1. Not enough glue and dried grass! Not very good! :S
    I did giggle at the bucket disaster, sounds like something I would do! :P

  2. I know right. What a waste of money :P

    Lol! After I'd dried them all I too found it quite amusing :P

  3. OMG what crap! Can you find any use for them? Like using them as a duster around intricate items, lol.


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